REGULARISATION of unauthorised colonies raises many questions


Illustration: City Air News

Ferozepur, August 4, 2013: The Punjab Government led by Akali-BJP to generate funds for its treasuries have declared thousands of colonies in Punjab and about 90 per cent in Ferozepur.  It looks as if the whole of the city is unauthorised and from now onwards, there will be registration of plot, unless and until it is approved by the competent authority. 

Punjab government's ambitious policy of regularising almost 5,000 unauthorised housing colonies in the state has come under severe criticism with residents and property dealers terming it as impractical due to exorbitant amount of fees fixed for regularisation.

After formulated a comprehensive policy to regularise more than 5,300 unauthorised colonies, Punjab Government on Wednesday instructed all the Deputy Commissioners to launch a sustained campaign to get illegal colonies regularised in the state and complete this job as a ‘mission’.

The move, expected to come as a big relief to about 5,000 colonies and two lakh individuals plot holders or building owners across the state, is aimed at providing basic amenities to the people of Punjab.

No doubt, the government has declared the common man as criminal and the houses in which they are living for the last so many years as unauthorised but the question arises as to whether it will take action against the PUDA or other government departments who have been supporting the colonizers?  Will they be suspended under whose nose the unauthorised colonies have been carved out the piece of lands into colonies to produce an aesthetically pleasing object or design? Why the district administration officers have not initiated the action when the unauthorised colonies were carved out?

The carving out of unauthorised colonies is undertaken in alleged connivance with PUDA, Municipal Corporation and the officers related to immovable properties but remaining mute over this issue has raised a number of questions.

The decision to regularise the unauthorised colonies was taken recently in the Cabinet meeting. The policy would be applicable for one year, starting from April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014, in the entire state. Only those unapproved colonies or the buildings constructed before April 1, 2013, would be considered under this policy.

The last date of submission of application is August 25, 2013, and no further extension would be given for regularisation.

The property business in the state is almost closed down and future of crores of rupees invested in these deals is insecure and unstable. Now everyone is looking for the final decision to be taken by the government on these unauthorised colonies.

Sunday, August 4, 2013