Women District Competition 2012-13


Sonia declared best Gymnast

Ludhiana, October 16, 2012: Sonia of Coaching Centre Ludhiana was declared the best Gymnast of District Women Games concluded here at Multipurpose Hall, Guru Nanak Stadium with 28.50 points, Manju of Police D.A.V Public School Ludhiana got second place with  27.70 points where as Bobby, Prince Model School, Ludhiana won bronze by getting 27.20 points. Dr. Rishipal Singh, PCS, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Ludhiana was the Chief Guest and gave away the prizes to the winner. Rupinderpal Singh, State Coordinator, PSEB was Guest of Honor.  


Swimming (Final)

100mts Free Style :

                                    1st       Shubhkarman Dhaliwal,M.C. Pool,Ldh                     1:08:64

                                    2nd      Kanwalpreet Kaur,Guru Nanak Public School,Ldh   1:09:24

                                    3rd       Ishpreet Kaur,C.F.C Public School, Ldh.                   1:11:52

200mts Free Style:

                                    1st       Kawalpreet Kaur,Guru Nanak Public School,Ldh     2:37:73

                                    2nd      Shubhkarman Dhaliwal, M.C.Pool, Ludhiana.           2:40:43

                                    3rd       Ishpreet Kaur, C.F.C Public School,Ludhiana.          3:22:18

400mts Free Style:

                                    1st       Kawalpreet Kaur,Guru Nanak Public School,Ldh     5:29:25

                                    2nd      Shubhkarman Dhaliwal,M.C. Pool, Ludhiana.           5:31:08

                                    3rd       Ishpreet Kaur, C.F.C Public School, Ludhiana.         6:16:78

100mts Breast Stroke:

                                    1st       Mani Mehtab Dhaliwal, M.C.Pool,Ludhiana                         1:40:96

                                    2nd      Armaan Kaur Khangura, All Saint College,Ldh        2:07:05

                                    3rd       Tammana Jindal, B.C.M School, Ldh                        2:18:26

200mts Breast Stroke:

                                    Ist        Mani Mehtab Dhaliwal, M.C. Pool, Ldh                    3:24:47

                                    2nd      Tammana Jindal, B.C.M School, Ldh                        4:39:56

                                    3rd       Armaan Kaur Khangura,All Saint College,Ldh         5:09:10

100mts Butterfly:

                                    1st       Kawalpreet Kaur,Guru Nanak Public School,Ldh     1:28:16

                                    2nd      Ishpreet Kaur,C.F.C Public School,Ldh                     1:31:94

                                    3rd       Tammana Jindal, B.C.M School,Ldh                                     1:37:81

100mts Back Stroke:

                                    1st       Shubhkarman Dhaliwal,M.C. Pool, Ldh                    1:26:08

                                    2nd      Kawalpreet Kaur, Guru Nanak Public School,Ldh    1:29:46

                                    3rd       Ishrpeet Kaur,C.F.C Public School,Ludhiana.           1:30:42

200mts Back Stroke:

                                    1st       Shubkarman Dhaliwal,M.C. Pool, Ldh                      3:08:01

                                    2nd      Kawalpreet Kaur,Guru Nanak Public School,Ldh     3:21:22

                                    3rd       Ishpreet Kaur, C.F.C, School, Ldh                             3:32:54

200mts Individual Medley

                                    1st       Kawalpreet Kaur,Guru Nanak Public School,Ldh     3:05:64

                                    2nd      Mani Mehtab Dhaliwal, M.C.Pool,Ldh                      3:13:04

                                    3rd       Tammana Jindal,B.C.M School, Ldh.                                    4:04:70


Volleyball: (Final)


K.C.W, Sidhwan Khurd                     beat                 K.C.W,Civil Lines,       2-1(21-25,25- 20,25-

                                                                                            Ldh                               21)                    



Rarra Sahib                                         beat                 Govt Sr.Sec.School,    2-0(25-19,25-15)




Govt College for Women Ldh            beat                 Gymkhana Club,Ldh                          (45-41)

Khalsa Girls Sr.Sec School,Ldh         beat                 Khalsa School Sports wing     (27-21)

Govt College for Women Ldh            beat                 Khalsa Girls Sr.Sec.School,Ldh (51-34)

Gymkhan Club,Ldh                            beat                 Doraha Public School,Doraha  (53-36)


Lawn Tennis:  (Pre Quarter Finals)

Seerat,B.C.M School,Ldh                  beat                 Shobha, Khalsa School,Ldh               4-0

Baljit Kaur,Khalsa School,Ldh           beat                 Tamanna, Khalsa School,Ldh             4-2

Veerpal, Khalsa School,Ldh               beat                 Manpreet Kaur, Khalsa School,Ldh   4-0

Shilpa Thakur, Khalsa School,Ldh     beat                 Monika, Khalsa School,Ldh               4-1

Purnima,K.V.M School, Ldh              beat                 Tannu, Khalsa School,Ldh                 4-0

Kanika Sood,K.V.M School Ldh       beat                 Deepika, Khalsa School,Ldh              4-1

Nisha Rawat, Khalsa School,Ldh       beat                 Nidhi, Khalsa School,Ldh                  4-2

Yagini Kapoor,B.C.M.School Ldh     beat                 Harpreet Kaur, Khalsa School,Ldh    4-0

                        (Quarter Final)

Seerat Pannu,B.C.M. School, Ldh     beat                 Baljit Kaur, Khalsa School,Ldh          5-0

Veerpal, Khalsa School,Ldh               beat                 Shilpa Thakur, Khalsa School,Ldh     5-4(7-4)

Purnima, K.V.M School,Ldh              beat                 Kanika Sood, K.V.M School,Ldh      5-0

Yagini Kapoor,B.C.M School Ldh     beat                 Nisha Rawat, Khalsa School,Ldh       5-0

                        (Semi Final)

Seerat Pannu,B.C.M School,Ldh       beat                 Shilpa Thakur, Khalsa School,Ldh     5-0

Yagini Kapoor,B.C.M School,Ldh     beat                 Purnima,K.V.M. School, Ldh             5-4(7-4)


Seerat Pannu, B.C.M School,Ldh      beat                 Yagini Kapoor,B.C.M School,Ldh     6-4




Gymnastics Team Championship                                                                             Points

                                    1st                   Coaching Centre Ludhiana                             102.40

                                    2nd                  Prince Model School, Ldh                               83.50

                                    3rd                   Police D.A.V Public School,Ldh                    79.50


All Round Best Gymnast


                                    1st                   Sonia,Coaching Centre Ldh.                          28.50

                                    2nd                  Manju,Police D.A.V Public School Ldh        27.70

                                    3rd                   Bobby, Prince Model School,Ldh                  27.20


Hockey            (Semi Final )


Govt College For Women,Ldh           beat                 Khalsa Girls Sr.Sec School Ldh         4-0

Khalsa High School, Kila Raipur        beat                 Khalsa College for Women Ldh         3-0

Khalsa High School, Kila Raipur        beat                 Khasa Girls Sr.Sec School Team A    2-0


Govt College for Women,Ldh            beat                 Khalsa College for Women,Ldh         4-1


Kho-Kho         (Final)

                                    1st                   Khalsa College for Women Sidhwan Khurd Ldh     

                                    2nd                  Govt College for Women,Ldh

                                    3rd                   Govt Sr.Sec. School, Galib Kalan.


Kabaddi          (Final)


                                    1st                   Dashmesh Sports Club, Latala

                                    2nd                  Khalsa College Ludhiana

                                    3rd                   Guru Hargobind Public School, Dadhahoor.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012