Sara Ali Khan debunks common period myths

Actress Sara Ali Khan has quite a fan following among the youth and is known not only for her Bollywood prowess but also for sharing her personal journey. 

Sara Ali Khan debunks common period myths
Source: IANS

New Delhi, April 26 (IANSlife) Actress Sara Ali Khan has quite a fan following among the youth and is known not only for her Bollywood prowess but also for sharing her personal journey. 

The actress chooses to align with brands that complement her beliefs, and she feels that feminine hygiene needs the spotlight. As the new face of Sofy, she shares her period experiences and debunks myths during a quick conversation.

IANS: What are your thoughts about PMS? What is PMS for you?

Sara: Personally, it is the intense moodiness, bloating, and ice cream cravings. I experience pangs of sugar cravings, which are, of course, due to magnesium deficiency. You should try paalak, which is not particularly tasty, but it really helps.

IANS: What would you change about the way society treats menstruation? Is there a myth about periods that you believe should be debunked?

Sara: First and foremost, it is critical to understand that menstruation is not an indicator of impurity. I believe it represents the pinnacle of femininity and fertility. I am thrilled to be associated with a brand that not only understands the needs of young girls but also educates and empowers others. Menstruation is the reason for everyone's existence.

IANS: Do you ever miss your workout?

Sara​​​​​​​: I try not to miss my workout any day. I exercise daily, even when I am on my period, as it boosts my mood and helps with pain relief. I incorporate light cardio and yoga during my period days.

IANS: Do you prefer XL pads or anti-bacterial napkins?

Sara​​​​​​​: I prefer both, which is why I carry the Sofy Anti-Bacterial extra-large pads in my bag, which provide spotless and comfortable periods. I prefer feminine hygiene brands that avoid the risk of leakage and are safe for my health.

IANS: Any experience with unusual places where you had to change your pad or tampons?

Sara​​​​​​​: I remember once we were travelling in Rajasthan for the shoot. So, I had to change my pad on the moving bus on the outskirts of Rajasthan. I usually carry an extra-large anti-bacterial pad to ensure a comfortable experience during periods.

IANS: Have you ever used a creative excuse to get out of a situation because of a period?

Sara​​​​​​​: I used to do this a lot in school during Hindi class, using the excuse of cramps. I liked Hindi but didn't enjoy the class.

IANS: What advice would you give to women dealing with PCOD and PCOS?

Sara​​​​​​​: Firstly, recognise the syndrome to make sure you are aware of the changes in the body, which may include weight loss and hair loss. Exercise regularly to minimise symptoms. Try to avoid binge eating and strive to live a healthier lifestyle. And, not to forget, remind yourself that the next day will be better.

IANS: Are there any period-related mishaps or memorable incidents you'd like to share with the audience?

Sara​​​​​​​: I am sharing this today, all of my hits and favourite songs, such as Aankh Maare, Chaka Chak, and Ha Mei Galat, were shot during my period days.

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