Medical students from other countries visit DMCH


Ludhiana, July 22, 2017: Four medical students from different parts of the world recently visited DMCH under Student Exchange Programme organized by International Federation of Medical Student’s Association.
The students including Eve Usenicnik from Slovenia, Gabnela Baksova and Krisztian Kanocz from Slovakia and Johan Estrada Perez from Mexico were given a warm welcome by Principal Dr Sandeep Puri, who assured them of their fruitful visit to DMCH in enhancing their professional knowledge and skills. In his message, Dr Puri said that such student exchange programme enables students of different countries to have international exposure in their chosen field.
During the first few days, the students were taken for a round to different specialty and super-specialty departments of the hospital. They expressed happiness in knowing about functioning of latest state-of-art equipments installed in different departments of DMCH.
The students also got an opportunity to interact with Secretary of DMCH Managing Society-Sh Prem Kumar Gupta, Vice Principal Dr GS Wander, Dean Academics Dr Rajoo ingh Chhina, Medical Supdts Dr Sandeep Sharma and Dr Ashwini Chaudhary and Assistant Dean Academics Dr Sandeep Kaushal. Secretary Sh Prem Kumar Gupta said that DMCH has also tie-up with various other prominent universities and medical institutes of other developed nations, where students from DMCH will be sent to upgrade their skills and knowledge under ‘Student Exchange Programme’.

Sharing their experiences, Eve Usenicnik remarked that an institution like DMCH has the most advanced medical facilities which are at par with the best in the world and all the physicians and consultants here are very well-versed with their specialty field. Johan Estrada Perez from Mexico also shared the similar views in appreciating the role of doctors who co-operate very enthusiastically in showing them the services available in the institution.
Another medico Gabnela Baksova said they were overwhelmed by the hospitality of DMCH and appreciated the vibrant culture of Punjab which has lot many amazing things attached to it, especially Punjabi cuisine .
Krisztian Kanocz from Slovakia praised about the hostel and mess facility being provided to the medical students of DMCH. He made a special mention of ‘DMC Youth Club’ which was formed recently to carry out social welfare activities for downtrodden people.

Saturday, July 22, 2017