INAUGURATION:2nd Interpol Global Programme inaugurated in New Delhi


A view of the 2nd Interpol Global Programme on Anti Corruption and Asset Recovery began at the CBI Headquarters, New Delhi today.

City Air News photo; SK Vyas/Jalandhar

Jalandhar, November 19 ,2012 :  The 2nd Interpol Global Programme on Anti Corruption and Asset Recovery was inaugurated  at the CBI Headquarters, New Delhi today.

The theme of the programme is “Corruption – A Multi Jurisdictional Investigation”.

The programme is being attended by over 29 participants from nine countries, including Maldives, Malaysia, Fiji, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal.

Senior officers of the Interpol are also participating.

Inaugurating the conference, Special Director, CBI V. K. Gupta said that corruption has taken the centre stage in many countries and has emerged as the most important issue concerning polity and public life. He said that the need of the hour is international cooperation amongst law enforcement agencies of the world.

Adding, Gupta said that the battle against global corruption has to be fought at many levels.  The design of any government’s development programme should provide more transparency and accountability, he said, adding that systems and procedures which are opaque, complicated, centralised and discretionary are a fertile breeding ground for the evil of corruption.

Further, Gupta said countries need to engage with each at different levels to effectively block all physical escape routes for those fugitives who are blatantly indulging in corrupt practices.

In his address, K. Saleem Ali, Special Director, CBI said that asset recovery and impounding of proceeds of corruption is extremely important as it is the one factor that hits hard those indulging in corrupt activities.  He also said that an ‘ethical ambience’ is required in society which promotes transparency, accountability and equitable distribution of powers to combat this menace of corruption.

Additional Director, CBI   R.K .Dutta said new sophisticated and ingenuous ways are being adopted by those indulging in corruption, to transfer proceeds of crime to various countries through dubious channels. He said that there is a need for law enforcement agencies to equip themselves with updated knowledge, skills and techniques to fight corruption.

The five day  Interpol Global programme (November 19-23) being organised by the Central Bureau of Investigation  will have over 14 sessions to be addressed by experts from Interpol, CBI, NIA, FBI, World Bank, Europol, CFSL and other Law enforcement organisations.  

Some of the issues which will be dealt with and discussed, include Role of international Organisations in Asset Recovery, Active Vs Passive Bribery, Intelligence collection in Anti-Corruption Cases and Asset Recovery, Detection, investigation and prosecution of corruption in exploitation of natural resources, Computer Forensics, and issues in mutual legal assistance and extradition in asset tracking and recovery.

The Central Bureau of Investigation which is also Interpol’s National Central Bureau in India, had organised the first such Interpol Global programme in February this year.

Monday, November 19, 2012