GNDEC achieves UI Green Metric Ranking 2017


Ludhiana, December 17, 2017: Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana has achieved an impressive UI Green Metric ranking of 541 worldwide with 2925 points which is amongst the topmost in the country and higher than Punjab University Chandigarh. The details of the rankings are available at The UI Green Metric World University Ranking is an initiative of Universitas Indonesia which was launched in 2010.The aim of the ranking is to reduce the carbon footprints and thus help combat global climate change. The rankings over current condition and policies related to Green Campus and Sustainability in the Universities all over the world.
It is expected that by drawing the attention of university leaders and stake holders, more attention will be given to combating global climate change, energy and water conservation, waste recycling, and green transportation. The philosophy of awards is based on the three Es: Environment, Economics and Equity. Giving details of UI Green Metric rankings 2017 the results of which were announced recently, Program Officers National service scheme of the college Pf. Deepinder Singh and Dr. Arvind Dhingra said that this prestigious ranking is based on criteria that are generally considered to be of importance by universities concerned with sustainability. These include the collection of basic information of the size of the university and its zoning profile, whether urban, suburban, or rural. Beyond this the degree of green space is seen. The next category of information concerns with electricity consumption because of its link to carbon footprint. Then comes information regarding transportation, water usage, waste management, setting & infrastructure, energy & climate change, and education. Beyond these indicators, a picture about how the university is responding to or dealing with the issues of sustainability through policies, actions, and communication is also required.
Dr. Sehijpal Singh, Principal said that the online entries were invited in July,2017 and the scoring was done on numeric basis for various indicators. The indicators are:
1. Campus Setting
2. Type of higher education institution
3. Number of campus sites
4. Total campus area (meter square)
5. Total main campus ground floor area of buildings (meter square)
6. Total main campus buildings area (meter square)
7. Total main campus smart building area (meter square)
8. Total parking area (meter square)
9. Total area on campus covered in vegetation in the form of forest (percentage )
10. Total area on campus covered in planted vegetation (percentage)
11. Total area on campus for water absorption besides forest and planted vegetation (percentage)
12. Total number of students (part time and full time)
13. Total number of academic and administrative staff
14. University budget for sustainability effort within a year
Dr. Sehijpal Singh, Principal congratulated the students and staff of the college for this stupendous achievement. He thanked the management of the college for extending all support for green campus endeavor.

Sunday, December 17, 2017