OPINION; BJP should learn from the statement of Nitish Kumar


Few days back, a full stop is yet to be added on the statement of Mohan Bhagwat, national president RSS that Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar is better than chief minister Narendera Modi of Gujarat but Nitish has started considering himself as supreme and has presented himself as the next Prime Minister of India and issued a statement to the effect that in case he is not made the PM, his party will disassociated itself from JDU and BJP. On floating of this idea, Mohan Bhagwat is repenting on his statement and his statement has created a 'Hulchal' in the politics at the centre.  Congress has also started narrowing the gap and trying them to keep a distance from BJP.  No doubt, Nitish Kumar has issued the statement but there hardly seems to be any weight age.  In case he thinks that by joining the Congress, he will get the post of Prime Minister, it is nothing but a self consolation because this time, Sonia Gandhi, president AICC, will leave no stone unturned to take his son Rahul Gandhi to the post of PM.  However, after coming into power, the seasoned leader Nitish Kumar can be given some important portfolio but not to offer the chair of Prime Minister. Now, when Nitish Kumar has projected himself as a candidate for the post of PM, but takes it granted, he is not going to get anything by knocking the doors of Congress or BJP. For the purpose, he has to constitute the third front and he has to take the support of the political parties presently attached with Congress and BJP.  He does not seem to be so much intelligent, to keep a liaison, with his own parties. Nitish may or may not agree his two times becoming a chief minister of Bihar; BJP has played a major role.   At this delicate situation, when the people of the country are preparing to hand over the power to BJP and its alliance, the moral of  Congress party has gone down and has understood that this time, to come into power is not that easy rather impossible.   In such circumstances, the political parties attached with the NDA, instead of fighting individually, should come forward at one platform to work together and make safe passage to the post of Prime Minister. At present, the nation is need of a leader, who may not give preference to the members of the family but he should be liked by the people and the befitting candidate is Narender Modi.   In case, BJP makes a consensus on the name of Narender Modi, then the results of the coming Lok Sabha elections could be surprising and BJP may not required the assistance of any other party at time of formation of government.  The political parties who are talking to leave the BJP, the same will be after the BJP to give open support. 


Friday, August 17, 2012