Gaurav Wadwa from Sony SAB’s Super Sisters has a weak spot too!


An actor is always known by his acting and appearance and a fit body adds up to the performer’s exquisiteness on screen. Gaurav Wadhwa from Sony SAB’s show Super Sisters is one such artiste who gives his physique a lot of consideration in order to uphold a good screen presence.

Gaurav Wadhwa who plays the role of the handsome hunk Ashmit Oberoi on Sony SAB’s Super Sisters doesn’t believe in having a specific ‘fitness mantra’, but he surely does work out for at least an hour every day irrespective of his busy schedule.

Gaurav on the show as Ashmit Oberoi is falling in love with Shivani (Vaishali Takkar) who, due to various reasons doesn’t want to involve herself with him. To keep herself away from Ashmit, Vaishali is trying to get her cousin Isha (Isha Anand) and Ashmit close.

Talking about his fitness routine, Gaurav Wadhwa said, “There was a time when I used to weigh 74 kilos and now I am 57. This change was not only satisfying visibly, but also from within. Living a fit life makes one feel good. I strive to keep myself in good shape so that I look presentable on screen. I maintain it by consuming protein bars and boiled veggies. I also make sure that I work out every day and eat healthy. However, honestly, Rasgulla is my weak spot.”

Wednesday, September 12, 2018