International fellowships awarded to doctors in CMC-FAIMER convocation

Fellowships conferred to 16 fellows of class 2018 from India and other countries

International fellowships awarded to doctors in CMC-FAIMER convocation

Ludhiana: CMCL-FAIMER Regional Institute, Ludhiana awarded international fellowships in medical education to faculty working in medical colleges from South East Asia Region in the convocation held at CMC. Dr Marta Van Zanten, Research Scientist, working with FAIMER and ECFMG at FAIMER Institute, Philadelphia was the Chief-Guest on the occasion. Dr. Marta, conferred fellowships to 16 fellows of class 2018 from India and other countries. Dr Marta is an expert in on accreditation of Medical Schools by World Federation of Medical Education (WFME). She is also looking after directory of medical schools accredited by WFME. Dr. Marta conducted a workshop on accreditation for medical teachers. 

Dr. William Bhatti, Director, CMC Ludhiana echoed the commitment of CMC Ludhiana to make medical education socially relevant and produce graduates who are professionally competent. 

Dr. Jeyaraj D Pandian, Principal, CMC welcome the fellows of graduation batch of class 2018 as well as class 2019 and class 2020 who are presenting enrolled in fellowship.  

Dr. Dinesh Badyal, Program Director of FAIMER Regional Institute intimated that the Fellowship is a two-year program aimed at improving teaching, assessment, research and leadership skills in medical education. Dr. Badyal who is also Member, MCI expert group on new MBBS curriculum implementation, added that CMCL-FAIMER Regional institute was established in 2006 in collaboration with Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, Philadelphia, USA and in 15th year of the fellowship the institute has been housed in the new state of the art Department of Medical Education wing in CMC.  In the world, there are eleven regional institutes of FAIMER and CMCL-FAIMER is very active and topped the list of research publication in medical education out of all FAIMER institutes in the world in the year 2019. Many of the fellows of CMCL-FAIMER institute are working at important positions related to medical education in their respective institutions and are already contributing significantly to advancement of medical education. Fellows from previous years were also present in the convocation. The convocation was preceded by the assembly of 2019 and 2020 Fellows, who presented the outcome of their work in implementing a curriculum innovation project at their home institutions. The graduating batch was also trained in 2 workshops on accreditation of medical colleges and simulation-based teaching. 

Dr. Kapil Gupta, Professor, Biochemistry, Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Bathinda was awarded best poster award for her work on use of feedback for MBBS students.

The program faculty included experts in the field of medical education from all parts of India and from other countries. Faculty from CMC included Dr. Dinesh Badyal, Dr. Monika Sharma, Dr. Bharti Uppal, Dr. Sheena Singh, Dr. Roma Issac, Dr. Aroma Oberoi, Dr. Gagandeep Kwatra, Dr. Suchitra Deolalikar, Dr. Christina George, Dr. Ritu Jain and Dr. Sangeetha. Dr. Marta (USA), Dr. Daljit Singh (Vice-Chancellor, SGRDUHS, Amritsar), Dr. Vijendra D Chauhan, Pro-Vice Chancellor (SRHU, Dehradun), Dr. Anshu (Wardha), Dr. Henal Shah (Mumbai), Richa G Thaman (Amritsar), Jyoti N Modi (Bhopal), Dr. Anil Kapoor (Bhopal), Padmini Venkataramani (Malaysia), Dr. Rajiv Mahajan (Bathinda), Dr. Sahiba Kukreja (Amritsar), Dr. Parmod Goyal (Bathinda), Shivani Jaswal (GMC, Chandigarh), Dr. Hem Lata (DMC, Ludhiana), Poonam Sood Lomba ( MAMC, New Delhi), Purnima Barua (Jorhat), Mala Bhalla (GMC, Chandigarh), Parag K Chavda (Vadodara), Tanis Moudgil (Jalandhar), Purvi Bhagat (BJMC, Ahmedabad) and Jarina Begum (Srikakulam) took various sessions in the 10 day fellowship course.