PU VC meets Chief Architect 

Meeting was also attended by PU officials

PU VC meets Chief Architect 

Chandigarh: Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh had a meeting with Mr. Kapil Setia, Chief Architect, Department of Urban Planning, Mrs. Roma, Deputy Town Planner and Mr. Rajeev Mehta, Sr. Architect in his office.

The Master Plan, PU South Campus, Sector-25, Chandigarh submitted to the Department of Urban Planning shall be considered positively for conceptual approval with certain conditions laid down by that office. Regarding the submission of the architectural drawings of Multipurpose Auditorium of P.U., the Chief Architect advised to submit the same with Estate Office with the specific request to take up its sanctioning as a stand-alone project.

Mr. Setia informed that the conceptual approval of Master plan, PU Campus, Sector-14 has been examined and the approval may be accorded shortly after de-linking it from the approval of Master Plan of South Campus Sector-25. However, P.U. shall have to incorporate some features like- additional gate to P.U. as per the advice of that office.

The matter of early allocation of additional land reserved for P.U., Chandigarh in the Master Plan 2031, was also discussed and it was assured that this matter shall also be taken up and finalized immediately after the approval of the Master Plans.

PU VC assured the Chief Architect and his team that the advise of Urban Planning Department shall be considered, discussed in appropriate committees to facilitate that office in according early conceptual approvals and allotment of additional land to PU for its growing needs. 

The meeting was also attended by the Panjab University officials including Prof. S.K. Tomar, Director HRDC, Mr. Harpreet Singh, PU Architect, Mr. Inder Gulati, Dr. M. Joshi, Secretary to Vice-Chancellor and Dr. Rohit Sharma.