Lecture on Role of Universities in rediscovering legacy of Gandhi at PU


Chandigarh, October 13, 2018: ‘Universities have a pivotal role in generating enthusiasm in youth to carry forward the torch of social change’, said Prof.N.Radhakrishnan, Chairman of Gandhi Peace Mission and Peace Emeritus while delivering 7th PU Foundation Day lecture on ‘Role of Universities in rediscovering the legacy of Gandhi: Baa-Bapu 150 Assessment’, here today.
He dwelled at large on various aspects of Gandhian philosophy and the 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhi which began on October 2nd this year should therefore be an occasion to re-discover the legacy of Gandhi with particular emphasis on the changing functional contours on the aspiration and perception of the youth in the Universities. He mentioned that it is also Maa Kasturba’s 150th Birth Anniversary. The silent but effective leadership, she offered to Indian women to emerge from kitchens to play vital roles in societal transformation and individual emancipation should also be understood.
Talking of Swachta Campaign, he appreciated the national endeavour in the innovations of Gandhian thoughts of clean nation for making a vibrant, liveable society. He urged the youth to reprioritise their priorities to nurture their capabilities for the societal transformation. To the present younger generation who are growing up in the consumerist, globalized and materialistic milieu, urgent and serious steps are called to stop this dangerous drift seen lately among the youth of this country.
For any change in the society, Prof. Radhakrishnan reminded Gandhi’s advice ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. He stressed on the role of Universities, Centre of Higher Learning, Educationists and Centres of Gandhian Studies in devising appropriate strategies to face the challenges posed by the emerging scenario. He said that education liberates us and gives courage to stand up for who we are.
Talking on new education, he highlighted the importance of 3 H’s- Hand having infinite capacity to create, Head which is the seat of knowledge and wisdom and a Heart full of compassion. He further added that the foundation of nation, society and the family depends largely on 3 C’s- Courage, Conviction and Confidence. He stressed that youth are to be motivated to metamorphosed to become real watch-dogs who keep an eye on societal changes, a barometer for measuring the social nerves.
Earlier, Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh in his address, stressed on the role of introspection and meditation for bringing change in life and society. For understanding Gandhian thoughts, the mind has to be kept open for the positive vibrations. This will bring god change in an individual who is an important fabric of society.
Dr. Manish Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Gandhian and Peace Studies, Coordinator of the Event, Deans, Senior PU Officials, Faculty, Researchers and students were present on the occasion.

Saturday, October 13, 2018