KMV successfully culminates two-week long Faculty Development Program

33 departments share their best practices and inspirational experiences to the advantage of all the teachers

KMV successfully culminates two-week long Faculty Development Program
Source: IANS

Jalandhar, September 30, 2023: Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) successfully concluded a transformative two week long Faculty Development Program dedicated to exploring and sharing best practices in teaching across various departments. 

The FDP aimed to foster an environment of continuous learning and professional growth among faculty members. Throughout the program, all the 33 departments at KMV had the opportunity to present and discuss their unique teaching practices, providing a platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

The presentations covered a wide range of innovative and effective methodologies employed by faculty members to enhance the learning experience for students. Participants engaged in lively discussions and workshops, delving into inspirational experiences that have proven successful in classrooms. 

The FDP facilitated the exchange of ideas, encouraging educators to adopt new approaches and technologies to meet the evolving needs of modern education.