KMV street play moves viewers to tears

street play by KMV, Jalandhar

Students of KMV, Jalandhar stage Punjabi Play titled ‘Chanan de Vanjare’.

Jalandhar, November 4, 2014: Punjabi Play titled ‘Chanan de Vanjare’ by KMV ‘Natak Mandali’ moved the viewers so much that it brought tears to the eyes of the sensitive audience.  The play highlighted social maladies like, Drug addiction and female foeticide.  It was performed in the adjoining villages Naugajja, Raipur and Beas pind.  Audience were highly appreciative of this effort by the students of KMV.

The street play began with an emotional song highlighting the pains connected with female foeticide and also the effects of drug addition on both the addict and the family.

Both women and men from the rural background were highly appreciative of the same and lauded this effort of the young girls to sensitize the society against such social crimes.  They were thankful to the college Principal Prof. Atima Sharma for allowing and inspiring the young girls in such socially productive activities.  Prof. Atima Sharma felt that such occasions not only brought the youth closer to social realities but also allowed them to showcase their talent in a socially, mutually beneficial environment.


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014