INTERVIEW: I can’t play an older character on tv: Nandish Sandhu


Though his acting career began with Kasturi, but his claim to fame was when he played Veer in the daily soap, Uttaran. When the show took a generation leap, couple of months back, Nandish decided to quit the show. And now, he is back in limelight, after replacing Anuj Sachdeva in Phir Subah Hogi. Excerpts from a chat:

Why did you agree to replace Anuj Sachdeva in Phir Subah Hogi?

There is a certain amount of baggage when a character is already established in the serial and you need to come into his shoes, and it should be a smooth transition for the audiences. I can’t play an older character on TV. I liked the storyline, the concept as well as the character. My job is to shape the character now and though there are certain limitations, I will soon steer the character to a different level.

This role is something I've never done earlier so I decided to take it up. Of course it is a challenge to step into someone else's shoes… but, I'm sure audience will accept me in this role.

It’s again the role of a Thakur in Phir Subah Hogi. Do you have any qualms about getting similar roles?

I am open to all kind of roles, but I personally believe that college kind of shows are passe and what really attracts the audience are the serials which have a social message.

Is the character of Thakur Aditya more relatable to you compared to Veer?

Yes, Aditya is more practical and well-informed unlike Veer who was a romantic at heart and very simple.

So what did you do in last three months post quitting the show?

This was a much deserved break. I spent most of my time with my wife Rashami. We went to Malaysia, Vaishnodevi and my hometown to be with my family as I miss them most. I cooked many continental dishes for Rashami. Also, I had started learning freestyle dance and this role of Thakur Aditya came to me.

Was the rumour of a fallout in your marriage true?

Married life is going very well and we both consciously didn't take up any projects after marriage and spent time with family. But after the well-deserved break, we both are back to work now.

You are associated with the anti-drug campaign?

I am soon going to restart the campaign which aims at spreading awareness regarding drugs. I read about the Anti-Narcotics Unit stalking campuses to catch young casual drug users in Mumbai. Similarly, we plan to go to different cities and spread awareness because nowadays students feel that it is cool to get into drugs…it is the worst habit that one can get into and I want to spread awareness against it amongst the youth.

What are your hobbies?

Whenever I get the time, I indulge in photography and essentially, I do portrait and nature photography but I really want to take out time and visit the jungles for wildlife photos.

Any other future plans?

I will move to the big screen. That doesn't mean I'll quit television — I'll continue to do TV shows as well. I do plan to turn a producer somewhere in future. Also, even if I take up production — I'll never quit acting. I'll juggle between production and acting.