International students showcased their culture in the Global Village


Ludhiana, April 3, 2019: The International of PCTE Group of Institutes organized a Global Village which exhibited the culture of the International students showcasing a variety of traditional clothing, informational literature, maps, flags, and artifacts where students participate with full zeal and enthusiasm. The students from different countries Zambia, Afghanistan, PNG, Bhutan, Lesotho, Gambia, South Sudan, Sudan, Comoros, Liberia, Mali, Vietnam, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Timor Leste, etc. presented their culture under one roof.

Ahmed Samim students from Afghanistan said that they displayed Afghani dresses of both men & women along with west coats, mufflers, Gems & Marbles and “PAKUL” which is Afghanistan's traditional hat and said that events like these give an opportunity to represent their country to everyone. Hamad Elbashier, a student from Sudan exhibited their culture which included traditional dresses and currency of their country. Jeremy Oraka a student from PNG displayed Grass skirts, Armbands, currency, Tattoos, Head Dresses & Bilums which are their Traditional Bags of their country.

Mr. Rajveer Singh Kalsi, Asst. Prof. PCTE Group of Institutes said that the students were very excited about the event and added by saying that events like these provide exposure to our students to experience the tradition and culture of the International students.

Dr. K.N.S. Kang, Director General, PCTE Group of Institutes said that PCTE has 240 International students from 42 countries studying in different courses and said events like these help us to connect more with the students and their culture and gives the opportunity to our Indian students to know about various other cultures in under one roof.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019