IIIT-Hyderabad launches AAAI India Chapter, the scientific society to devote and advance the subject


A Special Lecture AI Systems was organised to mark the launch of the Chapter by Prof. Subbarao Kambhampati global President of AAAI

“An Indian Chapter of AAAI is very timely, considering how computers influence almost every aspect of our lives”, P.J. Narayanan, Director, IIIT-Hyderabad said,

Hyderabad, June 3, 2017: IIIT-HYDERABAD launched AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) India Chapter here in city at its premises on Friday.

AAAI is a nonprofit scientific society devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines. AAAI aims to promote research in, and responsible use of, artificial intelligence, increasing public understanding of artificial intelligence, improve the teaching and training of AI practitioners, and provide guidance for research planners and funders concerning the importance and potential of current AI developments and future directions.

The Indian Chapterof AAAI will be organising various meets, workshops, symposia and seminars on AI for industry, academia and startups through the year. This is in keeping with AAAI’s objective of increasing knowledge and interest in AI across India. The IndiaChapter office bearers include Prof. Kamalakar Karlapalem of IIIT-Hyderabad; C Anantaram, Principal Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services and Prof Vineeth Balasubramanian from IIT-Hyderabad.

To mark the occasion, IIIT-Hyderabad a special lecture by Subbarao Kambhampati, professor of Computer Science at Arizona State University, and current President of the Association for the Advancement of AI (AAAI). An award-winning teacher, he spends significant time studying the public perceptions and societal impacts of AI.

Prof Kambhapati spoke on The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and the Challenges of Human-Aware AI Systems, and delved on the recent progress and heightened expectations of AI in a broader perspective. He identified important open problems, including the need for human-aware AI systems.

Speaking on this new inititiave, P.J. Narayanan, Director, IIIT-Hyderabad said, “An Indian Chapter of AAAI is very timely, considering how computers influence almost every aspect of our lives, right from banking, to healthcare to entertainment. The underlying technology will have a very high positive impact, and we’re proud to be a part of it”.

Sunday, June 4, 2017