Female students of Jalandhar take out peace rally to demand fast & severe penalty for rapists

Female students of Jalandhar take out peace rally

Students of Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (KMV), Jalandhar organizing a peace rally to demand speedy & severe punishment for the rapists.

Jalandhar, December 4, 2019: Committed to social causes with a rich legacy of 134 glorious years, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (KMV) has taken lead to organize a peace rally to demand speedy & severe punishment for the rapists.
The rally was organized in the wake of recent gang rape & murder that took place in Hyderabad. This awareness rally for demanding the severe punishment for the rapists was flagged off by Principal Prof.(Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi. More than 500 KMVites displayed placards with thought provoking slogans written on them. The whole ambiance resounded with anger over the system & students also raised spirited slogans like, 'Ostracization and Public Shaming for Rapists' & 'We Want Justice' etc.
Addressing the students during the rally, Principal Prof.(Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi averred that the whole nation is in a great shock after this horrific incident of rape & murder. We the whole KMV family demands that our Indian parliament should make a very strict & severe law for the rapists so that no one should dare to commit such heinous crimes again. She expressed that it is only exemplary punishment that will deter the criminals. Rape is a more heinous crime than murder, she said. These type of cases should be tried in fast track courts only so that speedy justice could be delivered to the victim. Madam Principal also appealed to the students that they should raise their voice against all sorts of injustice in the society. She further maintained that every girl should be able to master the art of Self-defence so that she should be able to defend herself against any kind of alarming situation. As a matter of fact, KMV from time to time conducts self-defence classes for the students in order to empower them for their future. After the address of Madam Principal, teachers & students also shared their opinions regarding the issue in which the student fraternity besides seeking justice for the victim, also demanded a swift investigation and a proper forensic arrangement to stop any further delay in the inquiry process of the heinous crime.

Dharamshala, December 3, 2019 (Arvind Sharma): Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister and former MP Shanta Kumar said that less and delayed conviction in rape cases, loosing People's trust in justice. He said that government should come with more strict law and time bound convictions in rape cases.
Kumar said that whole of the country was jolted with the barbaric Nirbhaya incident in Delhi a few years ago, but the news of the subsequent rape cases didn’t stop and kept on pouring in from different parts of the country. Then we heard the doll scandal in Kotkhai, Himachal and now a female doctor’s case in Hyderabad.
Shanta said, “As a human, not only my heart, but also the soul is shivering with all these events. As an Indian, my head tilts in shame and I get scared due to being a family person.”
He said that no one had ever thought that even after 70 years of Independence we will have to be ashamed so much. Shanta Kumar said that the culprits of Nirbhaya scandal of Delhi had been sentenced to death, but they were not been hanged for 7 years due to government ‘Gorakh Dhanda’, (labyrinth).
He said that public set on fire a police station in the Gudiya case in Kotkhai, was for the first time in the history of Himachal Pradesh. 7 Police officers from low rank to the rank of DIG, were kept in jail for a long time, But the criminals were not caught till date.
He said that after the incident in Hyderabad, the whole country is on the streets, shedding tears. “It has been so many days, the government is still silent, I am surprised...”, said Shanta Kumar.
Shanta Kumar said that the situation has become very serious and people's trust from the government and administration has gone.
He said the government should immediately change few laws, as Hanging and only hanging be given as punishment, if rapists are proved. The whole processor of the court should be recording and also be shown on TV. Yoga and moral education must be linked to education by making them the most compulsory subjects.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019