Dr.S.K.Arora elected as the head of the Arya Samaj Vikramapura unanimously


Jalandhar, December 22, 2017: 132th General Session was organized by Arya Samaj Vikramapura Jalandhar in DAV College, Jalandhar. In this meeting the budget of 2016-17 was passed. Meeting was organized at the Auditorium of DAV College Jalandhar. All the Principals of local colleges got involved in this function. Seth Kundan Lal (Former Chairman of DAV Local Management), Dr.M.L.Aery ( DAV College's Former Principal ), Dr.Rekha Kalia Bhardwaj (Registrar of DAV University ), Dr.Veena William (Principal of Nursing College ), Dr Vandana Arora (Principal of DMS) , Dr.N.K.Sood (Principal of Ayurvedic College) , Dr.Manoj Kumar (Principal of DAVIET ), Dr. Jagrup Singh (Principal of Mehr Chand Polytechnic) ,Dr Vijay Kumar (Principal of MHR Technical Institute) , Dr Arvind Kalia (Local management), CL Kochhar ( Former Principal of DAVIET) Principal Inderjit Talwar, Principal Ravinder Sharma, Principal PP Sharma etc were present.

During this time Dr. S.K. Arora ,Principal, DAV College, Jalandhar was elected unanimously the head of Arya Samaj Vikramapura. Principal Dr. S. K. Arora expresses gratitude towards everyone for being made the head of Arya Samaj Vikramapura. He said that this is a very big responsibility, he will try to fulfil it honestly. The Arya Samaj teaches human beings the way of living life. The lessons in the Arya Samaj makes the conduct higher and also fulfills the staple in accordance with the traditions of Arya Samaj.
During this time Principal Inderjit Talwar described the history of Arya Samaj and Arya Samaj Vikramapura. He told that the foundation of Arya Samaj was kept by Maharishi Dayanand. Arya Samaj Vikramapura is working in accordance to the states rules and will continue to do so.
On this occasion, Vice Principal VK Sareen, Vice Principal, Prof. T. D. Saini, Prof. Satish Sharma, Chief Warden Prof Hemant Kumar, Bursar Prof. Ajay Kumar Agarwal, Dr. Vijay Kumari Gupta, Dr. Jeevan Asha, Prof. Naveen Saii, Prof. Ritu Talwar, Prof Lalit Goyal, RK Mahajan and all the members of Arya Samaj Vikramapuri were also present.

Saturday, December 23, 2017