CT University holds expert talk on cyber situational awareness

CT University holds expert talk on cyber situational awareness

CT University MD Manbir Singh while honoring expert Harpreet Sandhu, Former Additional Advocate General.

Online users must know the process of filing cyber theft complaints: Sandhu
Ludhiana, September 13, 2019: CT University organised an expert talk on ‘CyberSA: Cyber Situational Awareness for Predictive insight and Deep Learning’ by Harpreet Sandhu, Former Additional Advocate General.
The session was attended by students of CTU and Shalimar Public School, Ludhiana along with their Principal Simranjit Singh Gill.
During the talk, expert for the day, Sandhu, said, “Situational Awareness provides holistic view of threats and enables accurate perception of users. This also helps in reducing the errors and damages done by humans.” Further, focusing on today’s youth and making the talk relatable to them, he added that think before posting anything on any social media, search well, grab technical knowledge about posting, and have your system’s software virus free.
Sharing about the legal aspects he said that one must know about their rights for filing complaints against cyber thefts or frauds. Also, the culprit must go through strict punishments by law. The speaker for the day also answered various queries of students about law related to cyber crimes.
In his remarks, Manbir Singh, Managing Director CTU elaborated that cyber security risks are a problem, but the benefits of current technology are life-changing adding that although we can’t get rid of probable risk associated with technology, but by using common sense and taking sensible precautions we can significantly lessen our risk”.
Giving the closing address, Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor CTU said, “The youth is totally living in their social world and as we protect our well being physically, the same has to be done for social safety. Think, think and think before you post anything. Stay focused, be watchful and proactive.”
Dr Kamaljit Kaur, Principal School of Law, CTU proposed the vote of thanks.

Friday, September 13, 2019