Bidding good luck to XII students of Sanskriti KMV School, a grand farewell accorded


A collage of a grand farewell being accorded to XII students of Sanskriti KMV School at Jalandhar. 

Jalandhar, February 19, 2015: Bidding good luck to the outgoing grade XII students of Sanskriti KMV School, a grand farewell was accorded. On this memorable occasion, Rachna Monga, Principal, Sanskriti KMV School and the subject heads were present. The event was decorated  with a Ramp Walk, Fun Games and Remembering Childhood Showcase.  Abhijeet Singh Thakur and  Rabinder Kaur were chosen  Mr. and Ms. Sanskriti KMV School, respectively for the session. While thanking, the title holders very earnestly paid gratitude to the worthy Principal and their mentors for the incessant efforts in all the spheres to boost their academics and preparing them not only for the Boards but also for facing  the challenges ahead.

In her address Rachna Monga, Principal, wished Good Luck to the outgoing students for their future  endeavors  and mentioned that this emotional moment will  always be  treasured in the school life.    

Thursday, February 19, 2015