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A photograph related to Annual Day celebrations at Science City, Kapurthala on Friday.


PTU Sponsored 20000 students to visit Science City

Kapurthala, March 20, 2015: Annual Day of the Science City marked the 10th Anniversary of Pushpa Gujral Science City Now  whenever and where ever there is a talk of science in the region, it is not complete without a mention of the PGSC. The Science City, Kapurthala is on a fast track in achieving its objective of inculcating scientific culture and temperament among the general masses, particularly in the youth. Creativity and innovation are the two key drivers for socio-economic development of a country. It is in this context that the Govt. of India is laying tremendous emphasis in promoting innovation in a big way, stated Dr. Neelima Jerath, Director General Science City in the Annual Day celebration function held at the Pushpa Gujral  Science  City, Kapurthala.

The Science City has joined hands with Punjab Technical University to promote innovation among the students of professional colleges. Competition on display of projects and models developed by the students of the engineering colleges, polytechnic colleges, industrial training institutes and teachers has become an eagerly awaited annual feature. The competition receives an enthusiastic response from the students as more than 1500 participant registered   for the event.

The Science City now occupies a prominent place in the heart and minds of the students and teachers of Punjab as is evident from the increasing number of visitors to the Science City. Dr. Jerath    thanked the public of the region for their overwhelming response as more than 31 lakh visitors have visited the Science City since its opening to the public in March 2005.

Speaking at the occasion, R Sah, Former Director, Technology, information and Forecasting Assessment Council, New Delhi       appreciated the initiative of the Science City in promoting creativity and innovation and developing scientific temper among the general masses. He said that such programmes encourage competitiveness and entrepreneurship among young students and motivate them to take up careers in science and technology.

Dr. AP Singh Dean Punjab Technical University also present on the occasion he announced that number students to visit Science City under PTU sponsored has been increase from ten thousand per year to twenty thousand per year.  

At this occasion Dr. Rajesh Grover , Director Science City said that, Science  City had played an Significant  role in the field of Science & Technology and in  inculcating the scientific temper among the masses  during the past 10 years. She said Science City is not only the pride of Punjab but of the country. P.G.S.C   started with only one Science Voyage hall including some basic science exhibits, Large format theater  ,3D show, laser theater  and Flight Simulator. Now lots of Galleries  and theaters have  been added like India’s first Climate Change Theater, Panorama  of Life through the ages, Dino Park, Space and Aviation Gallery, State Level Energy education awareness  park, Defence Gallery, Science Explorium  bulding   including Health Gallery Biotech Gallery, HIV/AIDS Gallery, Virtual Realty Cyber Space, Fun Science, Railway Gallery and Science of Sports Gallery. Earthquake Simulator has also became a star attraction. Now Science City is one of the few centers in the world covering so many subject of Science & Technology.  She informed about various projects in pipe line like Biomes Gallery, Birds Gallery, Mobile Science exhibition. A proposal has also sent to the Govt. of India for the up graduation of Science City.   An Innovation Hub was also proposed to be set up financial and technical support of NCSM.

Further she said, various activities organised in connection with the Annual Day event called INNO TECH-2015 was spread over 2 days. These activities would provide a platform to the students to showcase their creativity and futuristic thoughts. At this occasion students of Engineering colleges, Polytechnic and ITIs participated in the various competitions such as display of working models, quiz and essays on science fiction.

Result of the competitions: Auto Mobile (Engineering): Manpreet Singh from Anad College of Engineering and Management Kapurthala got first prize (Project: Hydro petrol Bike)

Polytechnic Category: Gourav from Mehr Chand Polytechnic College has received first prize (Project : Next Generation Helmet) and second prize clinched by Somnath Saha from LPU (Project: Brake Failure Indicating System.

Software Engineering Category: CGC Jhanjari got first prize (Project: The virtual AR) second prize has been achieved by ACET Amritsar (Project: Cybernetics protector defending our nation) Software Polytechnic: LPU stood first (Project: Schedula),

 Post Graduate Category first prize has been achieved by C-DAC Mohali.

Misalliance Category: Engineering: Chitkara University got first prize (Project Cell phone speedo photo meter ) Misalliance: Polytechnic Category: SUS Tangori has Clinched the first prize (Project: Generation Transmission and distribution) Second has achieved Mehr Chand Polytechnic Jalandhar.

MECH-TRONIC (Engg) Sukjinder College of Engg stood first (Proect: Wireless Operating Machine Gun) and second prize goes to RIEIT Rail Majra Roper (LPG Gas detection)  Polytechnic Category:Pt. JR Polytechnic College Hoshiarpur got first prize and second prize goes to Rayat polytechnic College.  

Quiz Competition: Engineering : Arya Bhatta Group of Institution Barnala stood first, second prize goes to Baba Banda Singh Bhadur College Fategarh Shaib and third prize has been achieved by Guru Nanak Engineering College Ludhinana

Polytechnic: First and Second prize   goes to Mehr Chand Polytechnic Jalndhar .Sheid Udam Singh Polytechnic Tangori stood third.

Friday, March 20, 2015