Workshop on cow dung bricks held online

The discussion focused on raw material, processing and output

Workshop on cow dung bricks held online

Chandigarh: Social Substance and Ecologic Corporation has joined hands to educate people about the optimum utilization of traditional resources. Cow dung is one of the sources given by nature that is misused presently to greater extent. Sweeping the dung in sewage is choking STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants), polluting water bodies and causing contention in urban and rural areas alike.

Mr. Puneet Arora from Ecologic Corporation has come forward to educate himself and then make the masses aware of the issues. He along with Dr. Arun Bansal, Social Substance has started a series of workshops on Bio-bricks|Cow dung bricks. The second online session of the series was organized today. 

The discussion focused on raw material, processing and output. Numbers of doubts were raised by attendees such as strength, quantity, durability, cost effectiveness, logistics, vedic plaster etc.  Mr. Arora clarified all of those using presentation, lecture, videos, interaction, experiential learning etc. Videos were shown for both pros and cons of using dung. Putting emphasis on the topic, many possibilities for utilization of bio-bricks were listed by various members such building of permanent and well as temporary structures at schools, institutes, kitchen gardens, for homeless people, in fields etc.

The research on matter is already making waves at international level and soon we may expect more companies taking up start-ups handling dung waste. The workshop ended on a higher note with a notion that it has enormous opportunity to generate employment and self-reliance as well in rural areas.