Workshop on ‘story telling- an important padegogical tool’, for teachers

Workshop on ‘story telling- an important padegogical tool

Jalandhar, September 19, 2019: Ivy World School run by I-League Education organized a workshop on ‘Story telling- an important padegogical tool’, for the teachers on 17th September.
The resource person for the workshop was Trupti Sridhar who represented ‘Story wallahs, a story telling and training organization based out of Bangalore’.
Storytelling is a universal and traditional type of art that has featured spiritedly in Indian culture as an efficient communication tool. It can be used to provide information, entertainment, and education.It is often used to ingrain values as a medium, enhancing reading
abilities and fill the gaps with imagination and perspective. Stories told in classrooms help make a teacher likeable and learning fun. The workshop, was designed especially for pre-primary and (T.G.T) teachers, to help them to incorporate stories in class room teaching, establish connection with children and make learning enjoyable.
In fact we concluded that stories are a good way to make students aware of the many aspects of life in general. Different activities were conducted for the teachers namely:
(a) Voice modulation – using emotion
(b) Mimicking an animal and guessing its name
(c) using the three-lined story with a situation, problem and solution
(d) Role play where a story is enacted by the teacher. The teachers present were divided into groups to prepare and present a story which could lead upto the topic to be taught. The follow up activities required to be done with the children with such an exercise, were also discussed.
The school Principal, S. Chauhan thanked Trupti Sridhar for enlightening the educators on the importance of storytelling at multiple planes.

Thursday, September 19, 2019