Webinar on peace positivity and prosperity during pandemic 

The event organized by Govt College of Yoga Education and Health Chandigarh

Webinar on peace positivity and prosperity during pandemic 

Chandigarh: Govt. College of Yoga Education and Health organized an International Webinar on the theme ‘PPP during Pandemic’ i.e., Peace Positivity and Prosperity during Pandemic to address the various disruptions caused by the global pandemic in different areas of our lives.

The webinar was presided over by Sh. Manoj Parida IAS, Adviser to the Administrator, U.T. Administration and graced by an eminent world-renowned spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker Sister BK Shivani.

The esteemed guests were welcomed by Dr. Sapna Nanda, Principal of the College who shared the achievements and accomplishments of the worthy guests. In her address she quoted “to live in harmony with oneself and the environment is the need of the hour when human beings are facing physical and mental distress”.

The Chief Guest of the prodigious event Sh. Manoj Parida released the Handbook of Information on Integrated Approach to Holistic Health comprising scholarly articles on ways to lead a meaningful life. In his presidential address he congratulated the college for taking up this initiative and organizing the webinar that focuses on dealing with the uncertainties and imbalance caused by the pandemic.

He quoted “Inner Peace and happiness during pandemic can be achieved through a shift in our perspective and viewing the present moment as an opportunity to move into future of possibilities. He further suggested to imbibe yoga in one’s life for the necessary transformation in oneself.

Sister BK Shivani in her talk said that the vibrations around the world have turned negative with the outbreak of COVID-19 and we need to go back to the actual normal that comprises calm and stability. To achieve this goal Yoga has to be seen in totality focusing attention on our thought process as it is connected to our mental and physical health. She spoke about the four types of effects that our Resolutions and thinking have on our Mental health, Physical health, Relationships and Nature and suggested that Raja Yoga is a way to transcend on the path of leading a high vibrational lifestyle. She concluded her talk by giving a practical experience of visualisation. This was followed by a Question Answer session related to the theme of the webinar.

Thereafter Sister BK Anita, In-charge of Brahma Kumari Meditation Training Centre, Sec-15 shared valuable information about the various activities of the centre and informed the audience about the 7-day Meditation course commencing from 21st February from 6:00 P.M. to 07:00 P.M.

The webinar concluded by proposing a vote of thanks by Dr. Sapna Nanda. More than 2100 people joined the live telecast of the webinar. The technical team comprised of Mr. Rahul Joshi and Mr. Deepak Negi headed by Mr. Roshan lal.