Webinar on NEP-2020 by Chemistry Deptt,PU

The webinar ended with a vote of thanks from Dr. Ramesh Kataria, Coordinator

Webinar on NEP-2020 by Chemistry Deptt,PU
Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Bhatt, Director Non Collegiate Women's Education Board (NCWEB), University of Delhi.

Chandigarh: The Department of Chemistry and Centre of Advanced Studies in Chemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh organized a webinar on “New Education Policy 2020: A Roadmap to Higher Education”, today.

Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Bhatt, Director Non Collegiate Women's Education Board (NCWEB), University of Delhi was the keynote speaker and in her address, mentioned that NEP-2020 focusses on promoting value-based education and development of scientific temperament. She briefed everyone on the innovative reforms such as Right to education, Vocational skill development, education in mother tongue, interdisciplinary education system, progress-based evaluation system, multiple entries and exit points in higher education for all age sectors. She opined that the awareness of reforms of NEP-2020 at grass-root level would ensure access of opportunities to everyone. She mentioned the famous examples of Prof. Ruchi Ram Sahni and Prof. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar and their adaptive and modernized educational policies for better development of intellectual minds. She concluded her lecture by answering the questions from the audience and thanked everyone for such an engrossing and interactive session.

The initiative was hailed by Prof. Raj Kumar as one of the most important and relevant topics in the current trends of the educational infrastructure to work upon  Atma-Nirbhar Bharat. He laid emphasis on the successful implementation of the NEP-2020 and its awareness among the masses. New Education Policy-2020 was recently approved by the Govt. of India for the transformation of our education system. It is not only focused on the school and college level teaching but is also designed to educate the professionals and lifelong learners, to uphold the Indian languages and culture at global levels, to extract best of Indian technologies and to expand the horizons of classroom teaching from black-board to e-learning. It will give an autonomous system for education. Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji very well said that there are two types of thoughts for acquiring autonomy; one says“freedom for working independently” and other says“lack of Government supervision”. The NEP will construct a road passing through the two perspectives to provide quality education to the Indians. So, irrespective of the people’s perspective, NEP has a broad vision to improve the standard of education and to educate every learner.  

PU VC added that the NEP-2020 will prune the unwanted branches of the plant of the higher education system and will fertilize it for its re-growth in a healthy and fruitful plant. It will cover the lacunae of the 34-years old system by developing multidisciplinary universities and colleges across India, by developing student-friendly approaches, by re-establishing the integrity of the faculty, and by skill enhancement to make the independent individuals. He opined that  NEP-2020 has come with special benefits to the women who have a special role in shaping society. The New education policy will provide ‘Gender-Inclusion Fund’ to educate the girls and assisting the females
Earlier,Prof. K.N. Singh, Convenor and Chairperson, gave a welcome address to 175 attendees from different backgrounds. He introduced and welcomed the speaker of the event. Further, Dr. Bhatt was formally introduced by Prof. S.K. Mehta from the Department of Chemistry. Prof. Mehta accentuated the importance of NEP-2020 in revisiting and amending the educational policies for better development of the students and the faculty members.

The webinar ended with a vote of thanks from Dr. Ramesh Kataria, Coordinator.