The World Is Ready To Welcome 6 Network

The World Is Ready To Welcome 6 Network

Even though the expansion of the 5G network is still taking place across the world, everyone has already started talking about the 6G network. 5G guarantees a better Mobile Broadband, lower latency rate and strong Machine Type Communication. With so many offerings from 5G, what to expect from 6G? Even if we have 5G, the scope of innovation will always exist, and hence, the era of 6G will come soon, but the world is already ready to welcome 6G. The launch of 5G is just around the corner, and the 6G network is now the next big thing that everyone is ready to talk about. 
The Difference Between 5G and 6G 
It goes without saying, 6G will be an advanced version of 5G. The expected speed from the 6G network is 8,000 Gpbs. The people will soon be able to check the speed of the 6G network on the Speed Test. With this internet speed, the user can download a 142-hour high-quality video on Netflix in a second. In short, a 6G network will be 100 times faster than 5G. Also, it will be a more reliable network and come with greater coverage. It is also expected that the 6G network will be powerful enough to connect more devices per square kilometer compared to other networks. The expected latency rate of the 6G network is one millisecond, whereas the latency rate of the 5G network is five milliseconds. The 6G network will enable businesses to run complex systems. 

The 6G network can convert the dream of a cyber-physical continuum into a reality. The online and offline world will become highly connected with limitless connectivity and intelligence. A few of the many benefits of the 6G network include trustworthy systems and network compute fabric, cognitive networks, better network adaptability, enhanced connectivity and higher performance and coverage. 
The World Is Ready To Welcome 6G Network
Nokia has already started work on the 6G mobile network. Pekka Lundmark, Nokia’s CEO, has recently said that 6G mobile networks will be commercially available by 2030. He did not reveal the exact plan to make the 6G network available so soon, but he seemed pretty optimistic about the company’s plan for the 6G network. Other companies working on the 6G network include Apple, Google, LG and Qualcomm. 

The power of 6G will be required in the future for commercial applications that will require time quantum computing. The 6G network will empower the users to enter virtual reality to change the physical world. As discussed above, the offline and the digital world will become borderless, and further, in the future, they will grow together too. 

The hope of the 6G network is much more than a higher internet speed. Use BSNL to check your current internet speed and imagine the internet speed that the 6G network will bring. This network of robust computation, intelligent knowledge systems, ambient data and machines will change how society functions. Virtual and augmented reality can fully extract the potential of the 6G network.
The Rolling Out Of 6G Network 
The first phase of 6G standardization will start in 2025, and the final deployment will take place in 2030. Nokia will partner with NTT and DOCOMO to develop all the critical technology required for 6G. Specifically, the joint venture will work sub-THz radio and AI native air interfaces. This is not the first time Nokia will pioneer any technology. In addition to that, even PM Narendra Modi has announced that India will launch a 6G network by 2030. The work is in progress for the same. 

The 6G network will further help the country by creating more job opportunities for people, resulting in economic progress. However, India has not yet launched 5G, but it is believed that the network will be rolled out in the next few months. An exact date for the same is yet not available. Currently, the auction part of the 5G is what the government is dealing with. We can expect 5G in August or September in 13 major cities. 

Soon after the rollout of 5G in India and other countries, it will be easier to focus on the 6G network. Apart from India, even Japan plans to launch experimental trials of 6G with Nokia. The country is currently working towards building the required network and domestic technology for the same.