Swami Dayanand motivated all for the inquiry into truth : Prof. Vibha Agrawal

A one-day national seminar organised by PU’s Dayanand Chair for Vedic Studies

Swami Dayanand motivated all for the inquiry into truth : Prof. Vibha Agrawal

Chandigarh, February 28, 2024: Dayanand Chair for Vedic Studies, Panjab University, organised a One-day national seminar titled ‘Dayanand-Nigadit Vaidik Dharma Ki Svarup-Mimamsa’ today on 27.2.24. Seminar was presided over by the chief speaker of the seminar Prof. Vibha Agrawal, Sanskrit professor at the Kurukshetra University, while the ‘Sarasvat Atithi’ was Dr. Ramesh Bawa, a Vedic preacher from Panchkula. The seminar was attended by teachers, research scholars and students of the Dayanand Chair for Vedic studies as well as of the deptt. of Sanskrit, Panjab University. Scholars from various other educational institutions also attended.

Prof. V. K. Alankar said in his inaugural speech, “all philosophies, be it Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, and so forth, that make humans humane, are all Dharmika.” Prof. Alankar further said, “deliberation and discussion are necessary for Dharma.” He added that Swami Dayanand defined Dharma as the behaviour based on truth and justice.

Prof. Vibha Agrawal in her lecture said, “Swami Dayanand motivated everyone for inquiry into truth.” After presenting many definitions of Dharma from scriptures, Prof. Agrawal told the audience, “Swami Dayanand says that action, worship and knowledge together constitute dharma and lead to prosperity in this world and lead to liberation.” “In the Vedic dharma stated by Swami Dayanand are included speaking truth, acquiring knowledge, knowing God, varna by action, good action”, she added.

Dr. Ramesh Bawa in his speech told the audience about the etymological meaning and application of Dharma. Dr. Bawa said, “Dharma is not merely wearing symbols but the right action and behaviour.” “For Dharma, the highest authority is Veda”, added Dr. Bawa. He further told that Swami Dayanand stated that receiving knowledge of God and to attain liberation is ultimate Dharma for all humans.

In the seminar, Dr. Sushma Alankar, Dr. Vikram, Dr. Vijay Bharadwaj, Anshul Chaudhary, Sandeep and Apoorav presented their research papers. Stage was managed by Dr. Vijay Bharadwaj, teacher at the Sanskrit department. This seminar was organised under the celebrations of Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s 200th birth anniversary.