Renowned entrepreneur & Shark Tank Judge Aman Gupta interacted with LPU students

LPU Students learn from 'boAt' Co-founder Aman Gupta's Failures and Successes

Renowned entrepreneur & Shark Tank Judge Aman Gupta interacted with LPU students
Renowned entrepreneur & Shark Tank Judge Aman Gupta taking selfie with LPU students during an event on 'Boat-ing to Success' at LPU campus.

Jalandhar, April 25, 2023: Renowned entrepreneur and Shark Tank Judge Aman Gupta recently visited Lovely Professional University (LPU) campus for an exclusive conversational event titled "Boat-ing to Success", with LPU students. Aman, who is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of 'boAt,' a millennial-focused brand that sells wearable and consumer audio gadgets, interacted with thousands of students from diverse professional programs, sharing his personal journey and offering valuable advice on entrepreneurship.

During the interactive session, Aman praised students' insightful questions and eagerly answered each query. He advised students to keep trying until they achieve success and emphasized the importance of finding the needs of the people and working towards fulfilling them.

He spoke about the challenges he faced during his entrepreneurial journey and how he overcame them with determination and hard work. Sharing his personal journey, Aman admitted to facing failures in five of his business outcomes before achieving success with 'boAt.' He also spoke about his wife Priya, who supported him financially during his early days.

Highlighting the potential for entrepreneurship in India, Aman encouraged students to pursue their interests, find new opportunities, and collaborate with partners with different skills. He also emphasized the need for zero egos in the sales line.

The event concluded with LPU Pro Chancellor Rashmi Mittal honouring Aman and Priya for their visit to the campus. The cultural department's students organized Punjabi dhol, bhangra, and songs to entertain the guests.

Aman Gupta's persistence and ability to learn from mistakes have helped him carve a niche in the industry, and his brand 'boAt' has become a case study at Harvard University.