Punjab meets highest demand for electricity during summer season

PSPCL supplied a record 14,207 MW of electricity against last year's demand of 13,431 MW

Punjab meets highest demand for electricity during summer season

Chandigarh August 2, 2022: The  Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has been successful in providing uninterrupted power supply to paddy farmers of the state, in accordance with the promise made by chief minister Bhagwant Singh Mann. Sharing this information today, power minister Harbhajan Singh ETO said electricity has been provided to  all  Agricultural Pumpsets in the state and 8 hours of power supply is ensured daily to the tubewell connections.

He said, that the  State Government had issued a notification  on May 23, 2022, to provide 8 hour power supply daily from June 10, 2022, to all AP tubewell connections across the State. He said that during the summer season from March to July, 2022, the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) on June 29, 2022 has set a record by meeting the peak demand of 14,207 MW electricity which is 5.78 percent higher than the peak demand of 13,431 MW electricity last year on July 01, 2021.

The Power Minister further said that the total electricity consumption in the State from March to July, 2022 is 31,505 million units, which is 14.23 percent higher than last year's consumption of 27,580 million units in the corresponding period. He said that P.S.P.C.L. has broken the previous year's record of supplying 13,431 MW of electricity by successfully meeting the highest demand of 14,207 MW of electricity during the current year. Despite the increasing demand for power due to rise in temperature during this summer season, PSPCL has successfuly provided electricity supply to agricultural consumers for 8 hours daily and to all other categories of consumers 24 hours without power cuts.

The Power Minister said that due to its concerted efforts, the State Government has secured additional provision of about 17 lakh metric tonnes of coal over and above the PSPCL linkage coal. The State Government also was able to secure an allocation of 1300 MW power from the Central Pool which has helped PSPCL in successfully meeting 24x7 demand of electricity during the paddy season without cutting power to any category of consumers. He said that during the current year PSPCL has made a banking arrangement of 3047 MW electricity which is 12.85 percent more than 2700 MW last year.

The  Punjab Power Minister informed, that in view of the continuous high demand, PSPCL developed the strategy to adopt various demand side management  (DSM) measures for the reactive power management to optimize resources. He said that in order to compensate for the reactive power requirement of the system, condenser mode of unit no. 3 of Ranjit Sagar Dam plant, which was not being used for many years, has now been made operational to compensate the 60 Mega Volt Amps Reactive (MVAR) requirement of reactive power in the system. Besides this, Mega Volt Amps Reactive MVAR capacity of the system has also been increased through a special drive by the addition of 341.61 Mega Volt Amps Reactive MVAR capacity with 251 units of capacitor banks at the grid sub stations and addition of shunt capacitors of required capacity at 11 KV feeders to improve the voltage profile of the system, he added.