Protect and moisturize your skin in winter

Protect and moisturize your skin in winter
PCTE Faculty along with the students showcasing the Glacio Shield Product.

A protective winter care product developed by students of PCTE Group of Institutes

Ludhiana:  Cold weather, unfortunately, is not good for your skin as it leaves your body dry, flaky and itchy. To overcome this problem, a protective winter care product named “Glacio Shield” is developed by the students of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PCTE Group of Institutes under the supervision of Associate Professors Vikrant Saluja & Dr. Harmeet Singh.

The product intends to restore, protect and moisturize the skin during winters and contains excipients that are generally recognized as safe, said Prof. Harmeet Singh.

The team worked for 3 months to optimize the product with respect to the selection of appropriate methodology, concentration of ingredients, selection of a suitable container, and designing of label. Finally, a stability evaluation study was also conducted on the developed product, said Prof. Vikrant Saluja.

“It’s amazing to participate in the product development and coming up with something that will eventually help someone is so rewarding.”, said a B. Pharmacy final year student named Manmohan Singh. Ms. Shivani kalra, another B. Pharmacy final year student, said “It was a great learning to see how the concepts I learned in my classes can be applied to develop a new product.”

The product was also distributed to nearby slum area in Ludhiana for helping them to seal hydration and help them to overcome the skin problems that they face in winters.

Dr. Puneet Utreja, Director, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, said such initiatives allow pharmacy students to get hands-on experience with product development and instrumentation.

Dr. KNS Kang, Director General, PCTE Group of Institutes, congratulated the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, for their achievement and said such initiatives ensures that the graduates will be well prepared to excel when they enter the real world.