OPINION: Restrain from illogical remarks on gang rape;

Author(s): Harish K. MongaStop mud-slugging rather concentrate on safety of citizens Abraham Lincoln has rightly said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”. Throughout the life the parents...

OPINION: Restrain from illogical remarks on gang rape;

Stop mud-slugging rather concentrate on safety of citizens

Abraham Lincoln has rightly said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

Throughout the life the parents have always told us to “think about what you say before you say it”. But hardly anyone took these words to heart to use it in life and despite having no intention to hurting people but everyone has a tendency to just say whatever comes to one’s mind.

Every day, the leaders in India are giving one or other statement and creating a controversy over the issue of Delhi gang rape and recently is from Bapu Asa Ram who has said that had the Delhi gang rape victim chanted “Saraswati mantra”, she would never have stepped into the bus with her boyfriend, meaning thereby that the women must beg for life and not fight back. These all are after thoughts and invite unnecessary controversy from various quarters.

Since the Delhi gang rape, the youths are agitating, despite fall in temperature and now the agitations have started even on foreign lands also. 

There is no political party behind these youths.  Baba Ram Dev came, sit on a dharna and left but he did not talk even to the youths.  Likewise, Sheela Dixit reached there, the protesters sent her back with shouting of slogans “Go back, Go back”.  Even certain metro stations were closed putting the daily commuters to great inconvenience but the youths continued to agitate peacefully.

A three member committee has also been constituted to be headed by Justice J. S. Verma to look into the atrocities on women and measures to be taken to stop the crimes against them, within a period one month.

Much has been said after the Delhi gang rape incident right from reducing the juvenile age, some are supporting the death sentence, while certain class is for giving imprisonment for 30 years.  Even some are of the view to restrict the use of mobiles by the students and some have commented on their dress codes.

But these are good signs that after the gang rape incident, there is a debate on this issue throughout the country.  The name of the rape victim is made public or not,  the students of 7th and 9th class of Thane, the land of big crimes, have invented Robotic Sandal fixed with one metal nail with five voltage current besides other safety measures of learning karate, keeping chilly powder and keeping a licenced revolver.

On the other hand, the illogical statements from leaders are pouring in.  Kailash Vijayvargiya had said that in case the women will cross the Laksham Rekha, Ravan is bound to come infront of them.

For gang rape, another leader, Raj Thackery, Maharashtra Navnirman leader has held responsible the Bihari migrants that the rapists have come from Bihar.

RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat said, the rape like crimes are in happening in Bharat (villages) but in India (cities), the number of such cases are on the higher side.  Another controversial statement was given by him that marriage is a social contract between husband and wife under which he says she should take care of house and I will take care of you.  The women should not go out of house on a job.

The statements like this are nothing but provoke as the women are doing jobs in America and Europe also.  

In America, the police reach at the spot incident within 3-4 minutes but in India, we do not have sufficient police personnel in proportion to the population and that is the reason, in India, the police do not reach for hours together and lodging of FIR is a cumbersome job.

Gang rape incidents are happening all over the world and all class of people are involved which includes even the close relatives.  Marriage is a religious and sacred bond and in scriptures the relation of marriage is said to be a life-long bond.  Moreover, the women of today are trying to make strong the economic conditions of the families by doing jobs. 

Think even the uttering of words gender equality and women empowerments are irrelevant as women in independent India cannot even decide to dress according to their choice.  The outlandish suggestions made by our leaders not only reflect their mediocre intellect but also place blame on victims of rape.  It is high time those in charge stop mud-slugging and concentrate on the safety of citizens.

The leaders should stop giving illogical and irrelevant statements as with these statements, they are making mockery of themselves. They should think before speaking especially on sensitive issues. To stop the gang rape incidents in future, it is equal responsibility and duty of parents, teachers and government as well. 

(Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author in this article are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of City Air News.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013