OPINION: NOW BJP’S ANXIETY is in search of objectives for election campaign

OPINION: NOW BJP’S ANXIETY is in search of objectives for election campaign

Ultimately, BJP got its new President, Rajnath Singh after lot of controversy continued for few days.  At the same time, it should not be treated as defeat for not making Nitin Gadkari its president for the second time because he took the decision under compelling circumstances. Moreover, the statement of Sushil Kumar Shinde on blaming Sangh and BJP for ‘Hindu Terrorism’.  Since Sangh claims to be not a political organisation and in such circumstances, it is dependent upon BJP for fighting politically and to keep its stand Sangh knows that in and outside the Parliament, there is a need of BJP.  In the past, it is seen that whosoever is under pressure, the other dominates it.  Gandkari had to go because the party itself was against him as with the income tax raids, his position was further worsened in the party.  Had the Gadkari continue to be  the President, the  BJP would have been in loss in the coming 2014 elections of Lok Sabha and its dream would not have been fulfilled.

Despite all this, the BJP is having the anxiety to look for objectives as the Sangh family wants it to again board the ‘Rath’, movement of Ram Mandir should start and capture the power of NDA in the Centre under the leadership of BJP.  But BJP should not forget that it could not win in Gujrat besides losing in MP and HP and with great difficulty Bhairon Singh Shekawat could form the government in Rajasthan.  Sangh is once again seen active on the issue of Ram Mandir and BJP is feeling any problem to switch over to the old agenda. Now only the time will tell as to which way the wind blows.

But such tactics do not work if repeated which the BJP should not forget.  It looks that BJP and Sangh are in search of objectives to win in the coming elections to claim for the post of Prime Minister and it is not an easy process.

In the last two general elections, the BJP is going far away from the power in the Centre and reducing its number of MPs and to regain the power, there is a big question before the  policy makers as to how to make its stand in the biggest state the country Uttar Pardesh.  At the same time, they are accountable to the public on the issue of not constructing the mandir when Vajpayee was in power for more than six years. In case the BJP is not in a position to give reply to the public on this issue, it is likely to face the same music from its vote bank.  This is the reason that BJP is in search of its objectives for the coming elections in 2014 and must move with due care and take up the issues which are only attached with the common man. 

So far as the post of PM is concerned, the politics working around the Centre and the problem of forming of alliance government, nobody wants that Modi should come in the picture and at the most he can be made head of Election Campaign Committee and restrain from projecting any candidate for the post of PM.

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