NHS UK turns to India to plug their shortage of nurses

Currently the NHS is offering many benefits to international nurses

NHS UK turns to India to plug their shortage of nurses
Bikham Academia's CEO Mr. Harman Dhawan.

Mohali: Nurses and nursing associates wish to work & settle in the United Kingdom are set to get benefitted with the launch of a top-notch education wing for nurses called Bikham Academia.


As part of the Bikham Academia (organization's name) commitment to further reinforce its hold on the healthcare industry, the education wing has been set up to offer aspiring nursing professionals a pathway to join the UK workforce in order to carry out their role of delivering world-class healthcare services.

Bikham Academia's CEO Mr. Harman Dhawan expressed his great enthusiasm and said, "We have recognize the crisis in UK about the shortage of nurses. Having an extensive experience of 15 years in the healthcare industry, we are now launching an academia wing for nurses - Bikham Academia. With our strong tie-ups with the NHS in the UK, we will be able to send Indian nurses to the UK in about 6 months.

International recruitment of nurses has long played a role in helping the NHS meet its recruitment needs. Qualified nurses from abroad can earn around 20,000 pounds per annum initially. After getting the PIN (Personal Identification Number), the salaries can go up to 35,000 pounds per year. Nurses will work in very well-structured shifts of 37.5 hours per week there and be compensated for any time over that.

Currently the NHS is offering many benefits to international nurses like free flights to the UK, paid accommodation upon arrival, re-imbursement for tests like the OET and OSCE which are required. One very good benefit is that spouses and dependents can go with the nurses and are allowed to work there.

The United Kingdom is a country with heaps of career opportunities especially in the healthcare sector. Every year, thousands of people from overseas come into the country for work. For majority of international nurses, the main appeal of working in the UK is the country's excellent National Healthcare system. However, apart from a fantastic healthcare system, the UK is also extremely multicultural , offering people from all backgrounds and cultures worldwide a very popular place to settle permanently.

UK is one of the most favoured destinations for Indians to work  and settle in. With excellent public schooling system, world-class healthcare and plenty of support  for families in need; Indian nurses will find all the comforts of home in their local communities making their transition from India to the UK an exciting and hassle-free process.