Nawanshahr DM orders CCTV cameras in all fuel stations and banks

Prohibits gathering of five or more persons, carrying of Weapons, use of drones

Nawanshahr DM orders CCTV cameras in all fuel stations and banks

Nawanshahr, March 2, 2022: Keeping in view the current scenario and maintaining law and order situation in the district, Deputy Commissioner-cum- District Magistrate Vishesh Sarangal on Wednesday ordered the installation of CCTV cameras in all fuel stations and banks. 

Exercising the powers vested under Section 144, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, Sarangal said these CCTV operating systems must have the recording of seven days in it.
He further said that the carrying of any kind of protest, demonstration and procession in the district would be strictly prohibited. He also banned the carrying of firearms in marriage places/resorts, fairs, procession, wedding ceremony or other events that come under the jurisdiction of the district. 

District Magistrate also banned the unauthorised construction of any temple, church, mosque or Gurdwara in public streets/public spaces across the district. 

He also ordered the officials to ensure that no unauthorised construction of any religious institution including temple, church, mosque or Gurdwara, etc, must be permitted on public street/public space.
He also banned the use of drones in any kind of religious, social or wedding function. Further, he also prohibited the people from abandoning cattle and bursting firecrackers during marriage functions or other celebrating events. 

He also banned building any memorial gate on government’s lands/property in the district. 

Sarangal also prohibited the installation of submersible pump/tubewell without NOC in the notified areas including Banga and Aur. Further, he also banned the cutting of mangoes, Azadirachta indica (Neem), Ficus religiosa (Pipal), banyan (Bohar) trees throughout the district. 

DM also banned bathing in the Sutlej and Bist Doab in the public interest and this step has been taken to prevent the loss of precious lives due to accidents while bathing.

He said that any kind of meeting and processions would be completely prohibited in the district without the prior permission of the concerned sub divisional magistrate. 
He told that orders would remain in effect up to April 27, 2022 and any violation would attract strict penal action.