Ludhiana News- Rare keyhole surgery performed in newborn 2.5 kg baby


Ludhiana, September 11, 2013: A 2 week old baby with the weight of 2.5Kg was referred to Department of Paediatric Surgery CMC & Hospital Ludhiana with difficulty in breathing. Investigations at CMC& Hospital revealed that on left side of his chest, the diaphragm was defective and weak. Because of Eventration of Diaphragm   baby’s abdominal organ like stomach, spleen and intestine were shifted in the chest and causing pressure on the opposite lung and heart, therefore the child was having difficulty in breathing and it was progressively increasing.

Dr William Bhatti, Professor& Head Department of Pediatric Surgery and his team doctors, Dr N Bedi, Dr A Gupta, Dr S Dhuria, Karan(technologist) and Anaesthiologist Dr Sweethadid a successful Thoracoscopic repair of defective diaphragm(muscle wall between chest and abdomen) .By this technique, three0.3cm key holes were made in the chest, the weak and defective diaphragm was repaired.

The Thoracoscopic repair of a defective diaphragm, in a new born baby has been done for the first time in North India by this technique. Earlier these types of problems were managed by opening abdomen or chest. Birth defects in children can be managed effectively if parents and physician can identify birth defects well in time.

Dr Bhatti mentioned that operations by open techniques are painful for babies and recovery is delayed. Similar operations by Thoracoscopy or Laparoscopy are less painful, scars of the operation are negligible and the hospital stay is remarkably reduced.

 Dr AG Thomas Director CMC & Hospital Ludhiana informed that earlier, this technique of operation by Thoracoscopes or Laparoscopes, in new born baby was available only in advance countries, but now this technique is available in our hospital.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013