Ludhiana News- BSNL Employees to start trade union action against BSNL Ludhiana Management

Ludhiana, September 14, 2013: BSNL Employees will start trade union action against the BSNL Ludhiana Management as the management is not taking any action against the contractor who has raised bogus bills to the tune of lakhs of rupees.

The management is also shielding some erring officers who have verified the bogus bills. Some of the officers are hand in gloves with the contactor.  Fearing from action the contractor and some of the erring officer are trying to implant the indoor/outdoor plants in the empty pots. They want to hide their misdeeds and trying to complete the number of plants to that extent which they have verified in the bogus bills. Activists of BSNL Employees union foiled such attempt today at Kohara telephone exchange. It was brought to the notice of branch secretary Sahnewal by members that the contractor and Sub Divisional Engineer Sahnewal have called some labourer to implant indoor /out plants in empty pots at Kohara exchange.

Branch Secretary BSNL Sahnewal discussed this matter with available JTO in the exchange who confirmed that SDO has ordered him that he is coming and some cleanliness work is to done in the exchange. Due to presence of union leaders in exchange they did not dared to enter the exchange and the labourers called for also left the exchange.

Branch Secretary Com. Sudesh Joshi when contacted the security guard of Meharban exchange he told that the SDO has got implanted plants in the empty pots yesterday and day before yesterday. Not only the plants, the contractor is raising bogus bills for around rupees 1.6 lacs per month for cleanliness of uncovered areas of exchanges, which he never cleaned. They are also trying to cut the jungles which have come up in the compounds of various exchanges for which the contractor has raised bogus bills years together.

Com. Balwinder Singh in a press statement today said that their members will not allow the contractors and erring officer to omit the evidence. He further said that they will start agitation against the management from September 19.

Saturday, September 14, 2013