LPU organized international conference on functional materials, manufacturing, and performances

LPU organized international conference on functional materials

Jalandhar, September 13, 2019: The School of Mechanical Engineering at Lovely Professional University (LPU) organized two-day International Conference on Functional Materials, Manufacturing, and Performances (ICFMMP-2019) at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the university.
A large number of international and national participants from top universities of France, Australia, many Indian States, Union-Territories and from related industry attended the conference to churn out possible beneficial solutions for lurking challenges in the global society. On this occasion, a CD was also released containing conference proceedings, and valuable “Research Abstracts” received from across the globe.
One of the keynote speakers, Prof.Rajashekhara Shabadi from University of Lille (France) shared his research about strong and deformable magnesium ‘nano-composite’, which ignites above 1000 °C. He shared that Magnesium (Mg) has recently been in automobile, aerospace, defence, sports, electronic and biomedical sectors, as it has an advantage in light-weighting. Previously, applications of ‘Mg’ were restricted due to its perceived easy ignition, and inability to self-extinguish immediately. Replacement of the currently dominant aluminium, titanium alloys and steels will turn out to be a game changer in this field. Research is continuously being done on developing suitable light weight, high performance magnesium alloys.
Also sharing about bio-implants, Prof Shabadi informed current medical technology requires the usage of biodegradable metals like ‘Magnesium’. Similarly, Prof Dr Alokesh Pramanik from Curtin University (Australia) talked about exquisite bio-materials, composite materials, finite element analysis, manufacturing and machining processes. Scientist-F, Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (Chandigarh), Dr Dinesh Pal Singh talked about many futuristic systems like green energetic materials, Nano technology-based armour systems, and photonics. Recalling how LPU Mechanical Engineering students helped him in setting up machines for his project with minimal charges, Managing Director Cheema Boiler (Ropar) H S Cheema appreciated LPU students’ innovative abilities. Director, NIT Hamirpur Prof Vinod Yadava; Head NIT Kuruskhetra Dr Dinesh Khanduja; and, Ravikant Sharma from Utrrakhand also chaired different sessions of the conference.
Prior to this, inaugurating the conference, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated all mechanical engineering students and faculty members for organizing maiden international conference, and that too on a magnified scale. While talking about amalgamation of different technologies in modern day industrial achievements, he encouraged all mechanical engineers by mentioning about the “Chandrayaan” project that the tilts and twists of ‘Lander Vikram’ can be labelled to some other fault, and not any of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers are always excellent in their outcomes.” During Valedictory session, Head School of Mechanical Engineering Dr Gurpreet Singh Phull thanked all participants and co-ordinators for making the conference result oriented.

Friday, September 13, 2019