India’s top visionaries and researchers suggest LPU students to embrace inter-disciplinary research

Occasion was International Symposium on the ‘Interdisciplinary Hermeneutic: Reappraising the Socio-Cultural Episteme’

India’s top visionaries and researchers suggest LPU students to embrace inter-disciplinary research
LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal, Padma Shri Dr Surjit Patar and Dr Nandini Sahu from IGNOU present during International Symposium at LPU.

Jalandhar: In order to make students Inter-Disciplinary research oriented, the School of Social Sciences and Languages at LPU organizing two-day International Symposium on  the ‘Interdisciplinary Hermeneutic: Reappraising the Socio-Cultural Episteme’. Speakers of eminence on the inaugural day were Chairman, Punjab Arts Council, Padma Shri Dr Surjit Patar;    Director, School of Foreign Languages, IGNOU and Shiksha Ratan Puraskar winner Dr Nandini Sahu; Professor in Psychology at Aligarh Muslim University Dr Shah Alam; Author and Poet Shree Madan Kashyap; and, Sociologist and Former Dean, Himachal Pradesh University (Shimla) Dr Satish Kumar.
Referring LPU as world-class university, Director Dr Nandini Sahu informed students, in her inaugural remarks, about her literary journey and various creation thereupon. She also talked about her introducing innovative and well accepted ‘Indian Folk Literature’ as a Diploma Course at IGNOU. She advised students to be always in touch with their teachers for innovations and research works while undertaking inter disciplinary assignments. A major voice in contemporary Indian English poetry, Dr Sahu also talked about more talked about long poem ‘Sita’, and advised students to ‘be inter-disciplinary and be good research publisher. Quoting many examples, she held that ‘real literature can be from any discipline with its full understanding and intellectual frame work’. She also stressed on cultural materialistic studies.
Living legend considered in the Punjabi Literature, Dr Surjit Patar recommended a multi-disciplinary approach in understanding the life in reality. Quoting many of the famous poetic lines of his, Dr Patar talked about the usage of the same metaphor in different manners. Taking examples of ‘waterfall’ and more, he illustrated that one should understand the perspective of a thing or action from others’ point of view also. He also talked about Artificial Intelligence and digital age for making inter-disciplinary research somewhat easy in approach.  Similarly, Sociologist Dr Satish advised students to expand the horizons of knowledge by keeping linkage with social philosophy and the past. He also wanted the comprehensive understanding of the things undertaken.
Prior to this, while inaugurating the symposium, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal honoured the elite guests. A book on the title of the symposium was also unveiled on this occasion, which illustrated the consciousness about the organization of the symposium with mobilizing thoughts. Mrs Mittal advised students to understand life in a better way through imbibing great thoughts from the speakers. She wanted students to take all the point of views of the speakers as they broaden minds and add values from different perspectives.
Convener of the symposium Dr Ajoy Batta and Organising Secretary Dr Pavitar Parkash Singh thanked the elite guests for sparing their valuable time for inspiring LPU students on the needed knowledge in the present era. One of the BA English Honours students at LPU, Shiksha, shared that this was indeed a rare chance to listen to so many intellectuals at a single given time with captivating knowledge.