Film artists expressed their views at the annual day celebration 

39th Annual day of the Children Welfare Centre High School and Clara’s College of Commerce celebrated

Film artists expressed their views at the annual day celebration 
CWC’s Principal Ajay Kaul,Karisma Kapoor,Activity Chairman Prashant Kashid & other at Children Welfare Centre High School's 39th Annual Day celebration on 15 February at Andheri (W), Mumbai.

Mumbai. The 39th annual day of the Children Welfare Centre High School and Clara's College of Commerce was celebrated with pomp and gaiety. The program began with lighting of traditional lamp at the hands of chief guests and Principal of the School Ajay Kaul. The students presented a colourful dance compelling spectators to tap their feet and gyrate. Many film and TV actors and actresses were present. The meritorious students were awarded, felicitated and were given best wishes by the principal and various film artists expressed their views on the occasion.
       Actress Karisma Kapoor said, “To become successful in life you should concentrate on the field in which you have utmost interest. Do not choose a career under the family pressure or just to fulfill traditional aspirations. I did not become actress due to my family background, but because I was interested in film career."
Film actor Aditya Pancholi said, “The students through their play communicated that the temples/mosques may be different in form, but the good work ultimately reaches to only one almighty. After I watched the play, I thought as if I am watching a reality show. I congratulate this institute on completion of 39 years and also thank Ajay Kaul for guiding students towards progressive path.”
       Film and TV Actor Daya Shetty said that today we have to become strong not only physically but also mentally. We don’t teach children; in fact we get to learn a lot from the children. The parents should develop ethical standards among their children.
        Hollywood, Bollywood actor and wrestler Dalip Singh Rana (Khali) said, “Discipline is essential in life, without which we cannot be successful. As such I appeal to students that you may get more or less marks in examination, but you should live a disciplined life. You are fortunate that you are learning in this institute”.
        Chunky Pandey said, “No doubt that education is important, but with that sport activities are also essential. You are lucky to get all the facilities under one roof. After I reached here, I felt that as if I am attending a film fare award function. I thank Principal Ajay Kaul who has vowed to educate children of the entire country.”
       Sonali Bendre said, “You can achieve dizzy heights through knowledge, which no one can snatch from you. Money comes and goes. But the knowledge is such a capital which is useful and will always remain with you. After watching students’ performance, memories of my college days were revived. I thank the choreographer and extend good wishes to this institute.
     Actor Sunil Shetty said, “I compliment this institute which has moved with incredible success in the last 40 odd years. The education is inseparable part of life. As such parents should educate their children. Usually the children pick up what they see. If the parents behave well with neighbors, it will also inspire children to behave well”.
Film actor and comedian Krishna Abhishek said, “A study is essential to enter any field. It’s not that education is not required to become an actor. There are many modes in life, where education is essential. As such not only for vocation, but even for general knowledge, you should educate yourselves.”