Expert: Grooming a panacea for dogs in summers


Sikander Singh, One of Asia's top Rottweiler breeders conducting a Summer Grooming Workshop for Pet Dogs at Planet Pets in Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula.


Panchkula, May 6, 2014: Tricity especially Chandigarh has a large population of Dog lovers who keep dog pets of varied breeds in their homes. The breeds which find place in the hearts and homes of this Dog loving clientele ranges from Rottweiler’s, German Shepherds, Labradors to Spaniels and so on. These breeds may be many but all these pets have one thing in common, a fur & long hair. This shiny coat on the dogs creates problems during summers. Therefore with the harsh summer gaining momentum worries for pet owners too is on the rise. Summer brings along with it not only discomfort for the pets but also heat related issues for man's best friend. But there is welcome advice in the offing.
Sikander Singh, the founder member of Panchkula Kennel Club & the Rottweiler Club of India and who successfully runs a state-of-the-art Pet Shop called "Planet Pets" in the Tri-city at SCO 98, MDC, Sector 5, Panchkula has some tips for the Dog lovers, so that their pets remain at ease through the summer. Sikandar has trained in Thailand and is now Asia's top Rottweiler breeder. He has travelled all over the world and seen how well dogs are groomed and kept in these countries. Citizens of the Tricity know Sikander and trust his judgment in pet welfare.
Sikander says, "You may think that your dog is well groomed, but you should look carefully because fleas and ticks maybe hiding within his coat in nooks and crannies. You should step up the effort in the summer heat to bathe or shower your pet and then groom him more frequently, because of the intense heat. Your dog deserves cool treatment and refreshing him with a water spray and grooming adds to his comfort level. Remember he is carrying around a full coat of hair and therefore it is important to keep that hair neat and tangle free."
Sikander feels that summers are usually an unhealthy season for dogs as lot of health issues crop up. There is also the question of skin related problems which statistically form 50% of all dog health problems. In this too grooming and bathing helps.   Sikander conducted a grooming session in which it was revealed that the more frequently you groom your dog, the more effectively you can check for fleas, ticks or any other kind of skin irritation that requires attention. Once an abrasion is detected it must be attended to.
Sikander Singh further states, "Summer is a season of ticks and fleas and if not taken care of they tend to lead to health related issues i.e. Tick Fever which could lead to the demise of the dog.  If the pet is not groomed well, some viral infection from dogs may even pass off to humans also.” Adds Sikander, “Some people think cutting hair is the solution during summer. This is not so. Advice of the expert in dog grooming is required since different breeds need different cuts and grooming which only an expert in dog care can provide.” Sikander wraps up.
Expert-speak on summer care for your dog:
1.       Grooming is the way to go. Take advice from experts in the field.
 2.       Try to keep your dog’s hair neat and tangle free.
 3.       Guard against tick fever which could result in death of dog also.
4.       Most of summer related health problems in dogs is skin related. Professional grooming is a good way to counter these.
5.        Hair cuts in dogs have to be given keeping in mind the breed and with top of the line instruments, which are available only with certified grooming professionals.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014