Everyone must have a fighter spirit to kill deadly corona virus

PM Narendra Modi’s address to the Nation greatly motivated the countrymen 

Everyone must have a fighter spirit to kill deadly corona virus

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the Nation yesterday (March 19, 2020) greatly motivated people of the country to get ready for the challenges in the future and face all the challenges unitedly. His message to the Nation is very much clear and simple. He has tried to apprise about the present situation in very simple words. He was looking as if interacting with his countrymen at their doorsteps and not addressing them. The country men were curious to know what their prime minister is to speak to them. Hope the countrymen will follow all of his suggestions in toto the face the big challenge and fight against Covid-19, which has taken into its grip big, small and developing nations across the world.  The major thing is to break chain in spreading of the virus. Perhaps, this is why the prime minister has asked people of the country to impose one-day self-curfew on them on Sunday (March 22, 2020) and has advised the countrymen to stay inside their respective homes on that day. Moreover, it may be a part of the exercise on the part of the government to make fool-proof preparations in case the country faces a bigger challenge in the near future. But, there are chances that the government will be in a position to tackle the situation as early as possible as compared to the other nations across the world. This is because of the fact that there are more deaths and infected cases of coronavirus in other countries as compared to India. It categorically reveals that GoI is very much alert and taking all preventive measures to check the further spread of coronavirus in the country. In his address, the prime minister has sought support from people across the country. Therefore, there is cent percent possibility that people will follow his suggestions and senior citizens will prefer to stay inside their homes. `Janata Curfew’ will also prove a major tool to check further spread of virus to maximum extent. At the same time, people should not get panicky. Nobody should indulge into spreading rumours. People must also remain vigilant from rumours spreading on social media. 

The yesterday’s address to the Nation has also inculcated a sense of confidence among the masses. People now strongly believe that the government in already in action and taking all possible measures to control the situation. People now understand that the government alone cannot do everything until and unless people extend their support to it. For example, the prime minister has given a call for “janata curfew” on coming Sunday (March 22, 2020) and the possibilities of similar “curfews” can’t be ruled out in the near future too. But, the countrymen must behave in a normal manner and never get panicky, they should not go to the markets for panic buying. People must also thank all those who are working day and night in this time of crisis. People must understand that this is war like situation. Yes, war-like situation. A war against coronavirus. Everyone must have a fighter spirit to kill this deadly “virus”.  

(Rajat Kumar Mohindru, Jalandhar City.)