‘ECTOPIA’ enters third and concluding day today

The auditorium was jam-packed 

‘ECTOPIA’ enters third and concluding day today

Ludhiana: ‘ECTOPIA-2020’ today entered its third and concluding today in Dumar Auditorium. The auditorium was jam-packed with the students and faculty to watch exciting and thrilling performances. The festival got started on 20th Feb with much fanfare and enthusiasm among all. Participants put best of their efforts in showcasing their talented skills and audience cherished each and every moment of this three-day cultural festival.

MBBS Batch 2018 is ahead of all other batches followed by Batch 2016.

The day today started with ‘Debate Competition’ which was very meticulously conducted by the participants of different MBBS batches, who spoke very eloquently about various social and current issues. Other events held in the morning session of ECTOPIA today include ‘Stand Up Comedy’ and ‘Quiz with Fandom Quiz’

The concluding day of ECTOPIA will end today with ‘Duet Dance performances’ and scintillating Fashion Show, which is the major highlight of this three-day cultural festival. The participants will be walking down the ramp in great attire and exotic style.  
Secretary of DMCH Cultural Committee-Dr Dinesh Jain said that all events in ‘ECTOPIA-2020’ were well coordinated and students came with new brilliant ideas to include interesting segments.

Stand Up-1st Muzammil (Batch 2018), 2nd Daksh (Batch 2019), 3rd Arshpreet (Batch 2016)  
Debate:- 1st Sonam (Batch 2016), 2nd Alamnoor (Batch 2018), 3rd Samneet (Batch 2018).  
Quiz:- 1st Batch 2016, 2nd Batch 2018, 3rd Batch 2019.