‘ECTOPIA-2020’ enters second day with many exciting performances

Performances began with ‘melodious solo song’ segment by both girls and boys

‘ECTOPIA-2020’ enters second day with many exciting performances

Ludhiana: ‘Ectopia-2020’ today entered its second day with lot of thrilling and exciting performances by medical students of various undergraduate MBBS batches.

The performances today started with ‘melodious solo song’ segment by both girls and boys of different MBBS batches. The participants didn’t show their singling talent in present-day hip hop songs but showed in depth knowledge of singing classical songs in both Hindi and Punjabi language. Songs ‘Ni main kamli yaar di’ and ‘Ranjhan de yaar Bulleya’ by young participants energized the whole inside of Dumra Auditorium.

Afterwards, a group of students performed highly hilarious skit items, which depicted ‘Casual approach of a teacher in village school’ and ‘Treating of Alcoholic addiction patients’. In the skit, it was beautifully shown that though the alcohol addicts many times perform strange actions by are badly affected by serious mental and health issues, which need to be treated well.

Then, came the performances by a group of students of different batches. They performed exciting ‘Group Dance Performances’ on different themes and amazing dance moves. Highlight of this segment was ‘Bhangra in fusion with Bollywood Songs’ and ‘highly evolving Sufi Dance’ and ‘Rajasthani Folk Dance’ as well.

Yesterday evening of ‘ECTOPIA 2020’ included ‘Antakshari’, ‘Solo Song’ and ‘Duet Song Performances’ followed by ‘Neon Party’ in which students had such glow party outfits exhibited glow in the black light party space .


Duet Songs:- 1st Yash & Gurnoor (batch 2017),  2nd Raghav & Manmeet (batch 2018), 3rd Navya and Arshpal (batch 2019)

Solo Dances:- 1st Aneesha & Saipriya (Batch 2016), 2nd Tanisha & Noohar (Batch 2018), 3rd Himanshi (batch 2018) & Palak (Batch 2016)

In ‘Solo Song’ segment sung by boys-Gurnoor (batch 2017)and Manmeet (batch 2018)  won first prize followed by second prize to Rajat of MBBS 2015 Batch and 3rdprize being won by Yashan and Mayur Bansal of batch 2017