Customers loved ease and security of our digital services in lockdown

Says Rajan Pental, Global Head – Retail Banking, Yes Bank

Customers loved ease and security of our digital services in lockdown
Mr Rajan Pental, Global Head - Retail Banking, Yes Bank.

Chandigarh: Cutting-edge digital solutions launched by YES BANK at the critical time of lockdown have been widely appreciated as they allowed citizens to continue banking securely, easily and safely from the comfort of their homes, in the COVID-19-induced new normal.
“Customers’ response to our digital products during the lockdown has been very encouraging. Their positive support is reflected in the gradual rise in our deposit base,” said Mr. Rajan Pental, Global Head – Retail Banking, YES BANK. “We will continue to go the extra mile to support our customers in this transformed world,” he added.
Two key products of the Bank that have greatly benefited the public are digital personal loan and digital savings account opening for retail customers. The former’s appeal lies in the fact that it provides higher interest rates to borrowers, while the latter affords customers easy access to finance - all from the convenience of their homes.
The Bank’s digital overdraft against FD, Digital ‘Loan in Seconds’ and self-service portal are among other ‘digital-first’ services that facilitate a seamless and hassle-free banking experience.
The Bank’s customers further enjoy WhatsApp banking, which offers 24x7 banking assistance and dozens of innovative solutions. This means customers can apply for 60-odd products and services just through WhatsApp -- without the need for branch visits for key services.
The entire suite of services has been designed keeping the customer’ safety and security at the top, and the effort has paid off, with greater customer confidence in the Bank.
“Banking needs have evolved, and we are geared to serve our customers with digital solutions that bring the Bank right at their fingertips. We remain focused on supporting them every step of the way. We will continue to create simple innovative solutions that our customers can enjoy in a seamless and secure manner,” Mr. Pental added.