Counselling workshop at GH-3, PU


Chandigarh, September 20, 2019: Panjab University Alumni Association (PUAA), in collaboration with Social Substance organized a counselling workshop in Sarojini Hall (Girls Hostel 3), Panjab University, Chandigarh.
The main motive of this counselling session was to extend relations with existing and future alumni and equip students with necessary knowledge to resolve their mental health issues like abuse, addictions, anger management, depression, Bereavement and loss and low self- confidence.
Neelam Dhamija, Kamal Malhi and Kavita Sharma chaired this workshop and had an interactive session with residents. They taught the students how they can extract best from a challenging situation. Kavita Sharma acquainted residents with harmful effects of overuse of gadgets and how to get rid of screen addictions. Kamal Mahi told the students that overuse of phone or internet alert the reptilian brain in human body and we must calm it through meditation and practice. She taught the residents how to do meditation and exercise to detox mind and feel happy. She explained that the root cause of anxiety these days is fear which is totally a trans state and not permanent. We should love and comfort ourselves just like we expect somebody else to comfort us. Neelam Dhamija addressed the questions asked anonymously by residents and guided them how they can excel in academics and built self- confidence. The workshop was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr.Ravneet Kaur, Warden, Girls Hostel 3.

Friday, September 20, 2019