CMC Ludhiana organises first International Symposium and Workshop on Spectral Imaging


CMC Ludhiana organising first International Symposium and Workshop on Spectral Imaging at Ludhiana on Saturday.

Ludhiana, October 19, 2013: Betty Cowan Research and Innovation Centre (BCRIC), Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH), Ludhiana commenced day-1 of the 3-day (October 18-20) First International Symposium and Workshop on Spectral Imaging in a local hotel here on Saturday.

This is the first time such an event on spectral imaging is being organised in India.
The Director of CMCH, Dr. Abraham G Thomas, inaugurated the event. He appreciated that such an event has brought in such eminent scientists from diverse disciplines from around the world on a single platform. He said spectral imaging can play a major role in diagnostics in the medical field.
Hyperspectral Imaging is a geo-spatial (earth sciences) and military technology that has entered the field of biomedical research and applications. It couples the power of spectrometry (how materials distinctively absorb and emit light at disparate wavelengths on the basis of their molecular composition) and imaging. Thus it is not just an imaging system; it is a technique for analyzing the entire spectrum
from the ultraviolet to visible to infrared for every single pixel of an image.
In the western world, this technology is being exploited in many different disciplines such as cytogenetics, forensic sciences, pharmacology, agriculture, neutraceuticals, gemology, pathology,
nano-bioresearch. It may also be used in surgical procedures for tissue differential imaging. Dr. Yuval Garini,  an eminent speaker from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, covered topics on spectral karyotyping and genome organization in the nucleus. Bhushan Dhakras from Pixelteq, Dr. Manjeet Kaur Sangha from Punjab Agricultural University and Dr. Neeta D Kang from BCRIC, CMCH, were among the speakers for day-1. The hyperspectral imaging system at BCRIC was supported by a grant from Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust.
Dr Rebecca Thomas, Dr. Kim Mammen (Associate Director, CMCH), Dr. SM Bhatti (Principal, CMC), Amit Aggarwal (Finance Officer, CMCH) and Dr. MS Kang (Former VC PAU) were also present during the inauguration.

Saturday, October 19, 2013