Chandigarh start-up RoboChamps launches unique social responsibility initiative

Free coding classes for children whose grandparents are vaccinated

Chandigarh start-up RoboChamps launches unique social responsibility initiative
RoboChamps Founder Akshay Ahuja.

Ludhiana: Understanding its social responsibility, Chandigarh based company RoboChamps is motivating people to get vaccinated against the deadly Covid 19 virus.

Under this initiative, RoboChamps, which is a digital platform offering various robotics and coding courses, is offering free coding classes to children whose grandparents have been vaccinated. This World’s Largest Virtual Summer Camp is open for children from the age group of 8 years onwards. Classes start from 1st June 2021.

All the children need to do is register with their details and upload the vaccination certificate of their elders. The children need to register on the website

Speaking about this initiative, Founder RoboChamps Akshay Ahuja says, “Through this initiative, I would like to spread the message that at present vaccination is the only solution which can control the spread of Covid 19. People need to get vaccinated to win this battle and make the nation Corona free. I understand that the vaccine is highly effective, it protects against infection and helps to increase immunity which is necessary to win this battle against Covid 19.’’

RoboChamps also recently created a World Record by organising the World's Largest Virtual Class in which 6,200 students participated. This largest coding class was organised for 2 hours on January 23, 2021.