Be humble and responsible, Bhagwant Mann appeals to people

AAP government will start functioning right from today, not even a single day be wasted

Be humble and responsible, Bhagwant Mann appeals to people

Khatkar Kalan (Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar), March 16, 2022: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Wednesday appealed the people to remain humble and modest as Aam Adami Party’s (AAP) government belongs to each and every citizen of Punjab and moreover Chief Minister is always of all people. 

Addressing a mammoth gathering after paying floral tributes to legendary martyr at Shahed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh’s museum & memorial here before swearing in as Chief Minister, Bhagwant Mann said he was overwhelmed with this massive mandate given by the people of Punjab but at the same time we should be far more responsible now and not to be arrogant because ‘pride hath a fall’. He said for the first time any Chief Minister is taking oath from the land of martyrs as earlier swearing in ceremonies were being held from stadiums and palaces. Bhagwant Mann further said probably if was the first time the people have fearlessly voted for AAP without any vested interest or greed.

Pointing out further, Bhagwant Mann said that we had really got the freedom now as the previous governments during past 70 years blatantly ignored the vision and dreams of our great martyrs like Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh. He said the day of February 20, 2022 would be ever remembered in the annals of Punjab polity as the people exercised their franchise without any influence and coercion, of which the result declared on March 10, 2022 thus paving a way to fulfill the dreams of legendary martyr Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh. 

Bhagwant Mann further said that his Government would start functioning right from today and not even a single day would be wasted as we are already too late to cherish the aspirations of people in bringing transformation in Punjab. He said that AAP Government would provide the best education and healthcare infrastructure by setting up state-of-the-art schools and hospitals, which would be greatly appreciated by one of all. “It is really pathetic the youth from the progressive state like Punjab is migrating to foreign shores in search of green pastures. Our government will strive hard to offer lucrative jobs besides eradicating the menace of corruption and other malpractices in order to provide clean, transparent and good governance,” said Bhagwant Mann hoping that such pro-people initiatives would ultimately repose confidence and trust in the newly elected Government.

The Chief Minister further said that the entire gamut of things had been so much complexed and complicated, which would take soon sorted out with the peoples’ fulsome support and cooperation in larger interest of the State.

Lauding the stupendous efforts of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for floating a party altogether different from the traditional parties, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said that he (Kejriwal) even was on fast for 20 days with a sole mission to bring sweeping reforms in the Indian polity. He said that time had now come when the AAP would leave no stone unturned to realise the dreams of people.

Lakhs of people from every nook and corner of the state converged here at the ancestral village of Shahee-e-Azam Bhagat Singh to join the swearing in ceremony of newly elected Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. Men and women wearing Basanti turbans & dupattas presented a serene BASANTI atmosphere in the main pandal and roads leading to Khatkar Kalan. Surcharged with enthusiasm and patriotic fervor the people including party workers and volunteers were raising slogan Inqlaab Zindabad, Bole So Nihaal…., Aam Aadmi Party zindabad.