AJITESH Kaushal performs well in Singapore Open Shooting Championshipsk


Ajitesh Kaushal.

Jalandhar, July 19, 2013: Ajitesh Kaushal has performed very well in the recently held Singapore Open Shooting Championship at Singapore from July 10 to 15. His performance is as under:

Sno.         Event               Category          Score       Medal


1.     Standard pistol          Senior               559/600    Gold (Team)

2.     Standard pistol          Senior               559/600    Silver (Individual)

3.     Centre Fire Pistol        Senior               545/600    Silver (Team)

As per the available information, in the Standard Pistol individual he won the silver medal by defeating the Commonwealth Champion Gai Bin of Singapore in the tie shoot as Ajitesh's and Gai Bin's scores were equal at the end of the match (559/600). After the match tie shoot of 5 rounds was held, in which both the shooters were given 5 shots each, Ajitesh scored 47/50 and Gia Bin scored 45/50. Therefore Ajitesh won the individual Silver medal.

The names of other team member in the Standard Pistol and Centre Fire pistol event are as under: Ajitesh Kaushal, Subhash Rana and Ankush Bhardwaj.

Besides, this Ankush Bhardwaj has won individual Bronze in the Centre Fire Pistol, after scoring 575/600. Their team missed another Bronze medal in the Air Pistol 10mtr category by one point only. 

Ajitesh Kaushal is a student of D.A.V. College, Sector 10, Chandigarh and he represents Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) also.


Friday, July 19, 2013