250 DAV students perform Yoga Asanas in College premises


Jalandhar: Following the former year traditions , this time again the NSS and NCC wing students along with other staff members and the Principal Dr S K Arora took part in the yoga session from 6am to 8am where more than a 250 students participated enthusiastically at DAV College, Jalandhar on Wednesday.

The session was organised successfully by the cooperation of Prof SK Middha and Prof SK Tuli and coordinating with the yoga instructor Prof Manish Arora and Ms Manju who presided over the session . The students were made to perform exclusive 27 asans "Tarh Asan , Bhyjanga asan , Trikonasana , Bhadrasan etc were present along with the Surya Namaskar Asana. The students performed these Asans enthusiastically aspiring to lay the foundation for a healthy nation .

The Yoga experts talking about the significance of the Yoga , pointed towards its connecting nature and said controlling your senses and connecting your heart with the soul is what yoga is all about. Divine connection is all which is called Yoga . They guided that If we adopt it in our daily lifestyle, we can eliminate depression and stress and enhance our concentration power which is very advantageous for students . The basic goal of the yoga is to make people ailment free by inculcating into them Yoga habits .

Principal Dr S K Arora appreciated the initiatives of the Yoga instructors and made students aware of the great benefits and the undiscovered information regarding the traditional sayings about yoga, and said that we are sure it's going to benefit the students a lot. He spoke about the creative approach and initiatives of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with which he has been successful in propagating the ideologies of the yoga not just in India but the entire

At the end of the programme, Prof SK Middha, Prof Sameer Sharma, Prof S K Tuli and Prof Rajan inspired the students to adopt Yoga in their daily lifestyle and thanked all the staff members and students with a sense of gratitude for taking part in the event and later students were provided with refreshments .

Professor Hemant Sharma, Professor Rajan Sharma, Professor Meenu Talwar, Professor Gagandeep, Professor Hema Sharma , Havaldar Joga Singh, Pawan Jeet Singh, Lieutenant Colonel D S Patil Administrative Office and others were also present.

Friday, June 23, 2017